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Is Tower of Fantasy On PS4, PS5, and Xbox?

Do you have a console and want to play Tower of Fantasy? Is Tower of Fantasy on PS4, PS5, and Xbox? There might be some bad news for you. Read about the state of Tower of Fantasy on these platforms.

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Is Tower of Fantasy On PS4, PS5, and Xbox?

Ever since it was released, Tower Of Fantasy has continuously drawn comparisons with Genshin Impact, which is a great thing. Because Genshin Impact is a phenomenal game, and getting compared to that is a big compliment for the Tower Of Fantasy Devs. Tower Of Fantasy is also not afraid to hide the inspiration it takes from Genshin Impact. 

Genshin Impact is a game that has found its way to all the existing video game platforms, which helps the game get new players every day. But can we say the same about Tower Of Fantasy? We know there is a mobile and a PC version but is Tower Of Fantasy On PS4, PS5, and Xbox?

As of right now, Tower Of Fantasy has not found its way to consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox, or the Nintendo Switch even. If you look at Genshin Impact, that game is available on all platforms, which should have also been the case with Tower Of Fantasy. But, right now, it’s not. 

What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower Of Fantasy is an action MMORPG that draws heavy inspiration from Genshin Impact. It houses the same art style and game design but implements its own little subsystems that make the game different. 

Tower Of Fantasy has been very well received by the fans of the genre. The game has a consistently good concurrent player count. It is a highly enjoyable experience with friends since it also supports crossplay. You can go on quests and explore the world of Tower Of Fantasy regardless of the platform your friend plays on. 

Is Tower of Fantasy On PS4, PS5, and Xbox?

Is Tower of Fantasy on PS4, PS5, and Xbox?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news for you, but as of right now, you will not be able to play Tower Of Fantasy on your console. Whether it is Playstation or an Xbox, Tower Of Fantasy is not yet available on any of those consoles. 

We know that this news can be a bummer for most people because console gamers make up a big part of the entire gaming community. Not being available on those platforms means that the game is not accessible to a large part of the gaming community. 

Will Tower of Fantasy Ever Release on Consoles? 

Digging through the game’s discord server and website, there is no mention of a console port as of yet. This means it might be a long time before Tower Of Fantasy makes its way onto your favorite gaming console. 

The developers seem to be hard at work making Tower Of Fantasy a polished game for the PC and Mobile community. Amidst that, they might have overlooked the massive number of gamers using a gaming console. 

The sad part is that there has been no news about the game even coming to consoles, which means that we might never see Tower Of Fantasy on PS4, PS5, and Xbox. If we do, that day is still very far away. 

There is another argument at play here. It’s that every other person has a smartphone nowadays. Releasing your game on that platform means that you are tapping an entirely new community of players and gamers. Everyone might not have a console, but everyone is bound to have a mobile phone. 

With that said, the mobile phone is still not a device made for gaming, and most people find it uncomfortable to game on a mobile phone for longer periods of time. We hope that the developers realize that and start working on a console port for Tower Of Fantasy. 

We hope that this guide helped get an idea about the state of Tower Of Fantasy on PS4, PS5, and Xbox. 

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded for free on PC from the official ToF website