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League of Legends: How to Climb the Ranked Ladder (October 2022)

League of Legends is a game that gained massive popularity due to its’ high presence on streaming platforms and esports events. Many would say that it is still far away from the popularity that DOTA enjoys, and they would probably be right. However, League is still close back there, and many players are diving into the Rift to experience new adventures and games filled with adrenaline. 

How to Climb the Ranked Ladder in League of Legends

League of Legends: How to Climb the Ranked Ladder

There is one mode in League of Legends, called ranked. Based on your performance, it values your character in multiple tiers and divisions included in each tear. A vast number of players are stuck in the lower tiers, such as Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and lower divisions of Platinum. Most of the time, the players are getting frustrated either from their own or their teammate’s mistakes, so they are not focused 100% on winning the game. Therefore, we wrote a guide on how to climb the ranked ladder in League of Legends with more success!

Master One to Two Roles

You know, it’s a lot easier to play the game when you know what to expect from your role. For example, if you are playing mainly on top, and suddenly decide to go ADC, the dangers and threats you would normally have on top lane are not present here. It is a completely new ideology and gameplay, not to mention the different characters that you’d have to conquer too. Therefore, our first advice is to master one or two roles, preferably similar in gameplay (Top/Mid).

This would allow you to gain much knowledge and confidence in your champion. Also, you would learn about the weakest points of the champions that your enemies play against you, allowing you to gain leverage on them thanks to your knowledge. We’d have to mention that this is much easier said than done in lower divisions, where most of the time you’ll meet players that are trying champions for their first time on a particular role or are playing meta champs.

Use a Small Pool of Champions

It’s always nice to have 3-4 champions that you main, because that will allow you to master their gameplays and learn how to be better with every game passing by. Of course, sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation in which the champions you love playing will be banned, so having 1-2 main champions is not such a good idea for climbing ranked.

Also, it’s practical to learn champions with different gameplays played on the same role. This would allow you to counter-pick your enemy on the lane if he picks a champion before you that counters one of your main champions.

Keep a Cool Head Throughout the Game

League wouldn’t be League without feeding, trolls, or griefing. Of course, you always hope that these players won’t be on your team, but when they are, you have to keep a cool head and focus on winning. Remember, the game is only lost if all players decide to throw in the towel. Make sure that these negative things don’t kick you off from your balance, as your main goal should remain the same- winning the game through small plays.

Another thing that you should practice is to use these trolls to your advantage. For example, the enemy team would always assume that your troll teammate is an easy target. And they would be right! However, if the player is caught in your area (for example, in your jungle), you could always counterplay them as they are chasing him. That would turn over the situation and you’d gain a much-needed advantage.

Don’t Flame and Always Make Sure to Support Your Poor-Performing Teammates!

Flaming won’t help you much in League. On the contrary, it might make situations more difficult and complex because it will create negative energy in your team, aggravating your teammates and motivating them to do bad plays on purpose. This is why you should never flame when you see a teammate that is performing badly. You should always focus on helping him, ask him if he needs help, ward the area around him to gain a vision for possible ganks, or even roam yourself if you are the mid or the top laner in your team.

Most of the time, these positive maneuvers have helped in turning the game around. You have to keep one mindset in your head- Bad games can happen to everyone. It is your job to help them because you are on the same team. Sometimes, you’ll have a bad game and the last thing to do is to start flaming your jungler for not ganking or your bot for feeding, or even getting flamed yourself by your teammates. 

Always Look on Your Minimap!

It’s a small thing to do, but the minimap is the most important part in a League game. There, you have everything you need to know about positioning and vision on your team and the enemy team as well. You can also alert your allies through this map, so the utilization of it is immense! 

Through the minimap, you can see if an enemy jungler is moving towards high-valued objectives, such as dragon or baron, and therefore warn your teammates about a possible play around these objectives! 

Watch Streamers on Twitch!

It is always nice to learn from someone that has much higher knowledge than you. This is why streamers are very popular, especially on Twitch! If you want to main a specific role, such as the top lane, it would be of high value for you to watch TFBlade or SoloRenektonOnly and learn some tricks from them. The same goes for any lane that you want to master, as these players can and will bring out the best possible plays from every champion! 

We hope that you found this guide very knowledgeable and usable, and more importantly, we hope that you’ll start applying our advice from your next game! However, keep in mind that League is a challenging game, and you always have to bring up your top-game on the Rift! Small mistakes can be paid expensively, especially in higher tiers when the enemies have high map awareness and are always looking to make plays on you, even when you don’t expect them at all!

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League of Legends can be played on PC for free.