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Minecraft Capture the Flag Mini game

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Capture the flag is a game in which two teams fight each other in order to steal the opponent’s flag from their base. The game is usually played with two teams, though it’s possible to use more teams.


Capture the flag usually doesn’t have many rules, though you can set more rules to make the game more challenging. However, there are a few rules which are part of pretty much every game.

You’re not allowed to break or place blocks. Most maps will have specific paths which can be used both for offense and defense. Placing and destroying blocks could lead to unfair advantages or just overall chaos.

No spawn killing. There’s not much that’s more annoying than being killed right when you spawn. This may not always apply to the minecraft version of this game, but it’s possible to set your respawn point inside the castle, either by using beds or a plugin. This means the other team could simply wait for you to respawn and immediately kill you, as you won’t have any armor or weapons to fight back.

No cheating. While it’ll be close to impossible to cheat if the server has installed capture the flag specific plugins, servers without those will make it quite easy to cheat, as you can simply take item from outside the game with you. Cheating will quickly ruin the game and people will stop playing, there’s no fun in fighting an unfair battle.

These 3 rules are pretty much the basic set of rules for each game, but more rules could be added to make the game a little more strict or perhaps more fun. Like only allowing players to hit each other with raw chickens.

The Map

A capture the flag map is usually quite balanced and symmetrical in order to give both teams a fair chance to win. In my version I’ve created a square field with roughly the same paths leading to and from each team’s base.

There are 2 castles in each corner and each castle has a tower, which could potentially be conquered by the other team. This tower contains a chest with various splash potions, which could be thrown on people passing by. This makes the tower a great defensive position.

As you can see on the images, the map isn’t a complete mirrored image of one half. I’ve created a mine on one side and a church on the other. However, they’re both similar in size, so they offer the same type of advantages and disadvantages.

There’s one more important thing about the church and mine. Each castle has 1 underground path which could be used to travel to the middle of the map. One castle has a path leading to the mine and the other castle has a path leading to the church.
These paths can only be entered from within the castle, as the iron door at the end of the tunnel can only be opened by standing on a pressure plate on the inside of the tunnel. This means the underground tunnels could be used to attack the enemy, but not as an escape path for anybody carrying the flag.

I’ve also created a small hill with a path in the middle of the map. The hill is both used as a natural element, but it also means players won’t be able to shoot each other with bows and arrows from across the map. This encourages a more tactical and offensive style of playing, as people won’t always be able to see the other team.