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Minecraft Wolves

Wolves, are neutral mobs, which would be tamed by the player. They’re unique to (pine) forest and taiga biomes and are usually found in groups of 3.

Wolves will only drop 1-3 experience points worth in experience orbs. Though it can be worthwhile to kill them anyway, as they’ll kill any sheep around them.

Occurence and Behavior

Wolves often spawn in groups of 3. Though they’ll only spawn in forest and taiga biomes and only on grass blocks in light levels of 9 or higher.

If a player attacks a wolf, its eyes turn red and it will attack the player. Any other wolf nearby will aid the attack, which can catch players off guard. Once a wolf is hostile, it will remain hostile untill either the wolf or the player dies.

Tamed wolves (dogs) will attack any mob or player attacked by or attacking its owner, even if the dog was ordered to sit. This makes them perfect to ambush people, by hiding the dogs nearby. Any mob that’s killed by the dog will still drop its normal loot and experience, even if the player hasn’t done any damage. However, some mobs drop special drops, like spider eggs from spiders, which are only dropped when the player delivers the killing blow.


Wolves can be tamed by using bones on them, it may take a few bones to get them to change into a dog. Dogs will have a red collar around their necks.

Dogs will always follow the player, unless told to sit. If the dog gets stuck, they’ll teleport to the player. The exception to this is when the player is flying, walking on ice or swimming or sailing over deep water. In these cases they will teleport to you when you reach normal land.

Note that a dog can be placed in a minecart, but will never teleport out of it, which makes it easy to lose them if you’re not careful.

You can make your dogs sit by right clicking them, they will remain in that spot untill the player right clicks them again, no matter how far the player travels. Tamed dogs never despawn. If you log out and back in, the dogs will be waiting for you where you left them. They won’t follow you into the nether, instead they’ll be waiting at the portal or where ever you made them sit, untill you return.


Dogs can be bred by using any type of meat, both cooked and uncooked, even rotten flesh, on the dogs. A small puppy with a large head will be born, complete with red collar. Puppies can also sit when you right click on them and they will attack anything you attack or get attacked by. Though their attacks are less powerful.