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Mosaic Dove Value 2022 (June) – Pet Simulator X

Mosaic Dove Value

Mosaic Dove Value

Normal: Coming Soon.
Golden: Coming Soon.
Rainbow: Coming Soon.
Dark Matter: Coming Soon.

This pet was leaked from the next PSX update. The name is not 100% confirmed yet.

What is Mosaic Dove?

Mosaic Dove is an unreleased pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X in the next update.

How much is Mosaic Dove worth?

The current Mosaic Dove value is 0 diamonds as the pet hasn’t been released yet.

How to get Mosaic Dove?

We’re not quite sure how to get Mosaic Dove as of yet, however, we’ll update this page as soon as there is more info about this amazing new pet!

Mosaic Dove Hatch Rate

The hatch rate for Mosaic Dove is currently not known.

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