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Pax Dei Release Date, Alpha, Features & Trailer [2023]

Pax Dei is an upcoming sandbox MMORPG by Mainframe Industries. Are you wondering what the official Pax Dei release date is? We’ll try to answer that for you.

Pax Dei Release Date

What is Pax Dei?

Pax Dei is a social-sandbox, player-driven MMO experience that will offer you a vast, beautiful playground inspired by the Dark Middle Ages, its fables, and myths that you will fill with your own stories.

From picking flowers to skinning a basilisk, deciding war or peace, to give or to take, love or hate, it all matters. Pax Dei allows various play styles to connect and complement each other.

Who is making Pax Dei?

Venture-backed developer Mainframe Industries are developing it.

They have many experienced developers working on the game, some from EVE online. On top of that, a lot of money has been invested into Pax Dei; it’s not just some Kickstarter MMO that will run out of cash before it’s ever released.

The current investors include:

  • Riot Games
  • Twitch Co-Founder
  • Co-founder

Whether this results in a successful MMO, however, is anyone’s guess.

What is the Pax Dei release date?

There’s been no confirmed Pax Dei release date as of yet; it’s “to be announced” in the future. We’re not sure how far along the game’s development is either. It could be released in 2023 or many years from now.

However, fortunately, there have been recent playtests of the game, so it must be in a somewhat playable state.

How to sign up for the Pax Dei Alpha?

You can sign up for the Alpha on the official website here.

Which platforms will Pax Dei be available on?

The only confirmed platform for Pax Dei so far is Steam. The official store page can be found here.

Does Pax Dei have a Discord server?

Yes. It can be found here:

What are the confirmed features of Pax Dei?

  • The game has been built with Unreal Engine 5 to provide amazingly realistic graphics.
  • It will have open-world PvE and PvP.
  • It will use an Action combat system, a bit like New World.
  • There will be player-made housing, cities, towns, and villages.
  • It has a profession system, including:
    • Farming.
    • Blacksmithing.
    • Crafting.
  • Resource gathering will be a core part of the game.
  • They are likely to be Dungeons and World Bosses.
  • Historically accurate weapons and armor.
    • Armor can have multiple layers for the same slot.

Pax Dei reveal trailer