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Pet Simulator 99 Gamepasses

This is a list of all known Pet Simulator 99 gamepasses currently in the game. There will likely be more added in future updates of the game, but these are the ones that will be active on release day.

Pet Simulator 99 Gamepasses

They are very similar to the gamepasses found in Pet Simulator X for the most part, with a few notable exceptions:

  • Auto Tap – This is basically an in-game auto-clicker.
  • Auto Farm – You can command pets to farm breakables in an area for you, including collecting the loot.
  • Huge Hunter – This increases the chance of hatching a huge pet. It wasn’t in Pet Sim X. It is very expensive to purchase, though.

Pet Simulator 99 Gamepasses

Here’s the full list of gamespasses in Pet Sim 99. The prices are in Robux.

If you purchased all of them, it would cost 8075 Robux.


Lucky! 🍀
Better luck with all eggs! (PERMANENT, STACKS)275

Ultra Lucky! 🍀✨
Even better luck with all eggs! (PERMANENT, STACKS)800

VIP! ⭐
Benefits include: VIP mine!, Exclusive Axolotl Hoverboard!, Exclusive VIP Booth!, Gifts every 6 hours!, Chat nametag!, 10k Diamonds!400

Magic Eggs! ✨
Bonus chance hatching Golden and Rainbow pets from any egg!1200

+15 Pets! 🐾
Get a headstart with +15 pets equipped! [STACKS]375

Huge Hunter! 🔥
Significantly more luck hatching active Huge Pets! [NO REBIRTH REQUIRED]3250

Auto Farm! ♻️
Pets stay in areas on command! [COMING SOON] Pets pick up coins & drops for you!175

Auto Tap! ☝️
Automatically tap breakables!350

Daycare Slots! 💖
Send more pets to daycare, for even more rewards!625

+15 Eggs! 🥚
Get a headstart with +15 egg open! [STACKS]625

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