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Pet Simulator 99 Legendary Value List

We’ve curated the best PS99 Legendary values and made a Pet Simulator 99 Legendary value list for each pet that’s currently obtainble in the game.

Pet Simulator 99 Legendary Value List


Pet Simulator 99 Legendary Value List

This is a list of all Legendary pet values in Pet Simulator 99. This is a work in progress, all pets will be added soon. Stay tuned!

Present Cat Value in Pet Simulator 99

Value: N/A

Value: N/A


Pet Simulator 99 Legendary Pet FAQ

If you’re wondering how some things in the new game will work, here’s an FAQ for the most common questions players are curious about in regards to legendary pets.

How are the Pet Simulator 99 values calculated?

The Pet Simulator 99 values are based on various metrics, including input from experienced traders from Pet Simulator X, community feedback on Discord, and in-game player booths.

All values are in diamonds (gems) and are subject to change. Check out our Pet Simulator 99 value list for the latest up-to-date values for everything in the game.

Can I transfer my old Legendary pets from Pet Simulator X?

No, only huge, titanic and exclusive pets can be moved from the old game.

Can you trade legendary pets in Pet Simulator 99?

Yes, all pets can be traded and sold by other players. This can be done via direct trading and player booths in the trading plaza.

Is there RAP for Legendary pets in Pet Simulator 99?

No. There’s no in-game values for pets or items.

Where can I play Pet Simulator 99?

The game can be played on Roblox here.

Do you provide values for any other game?

Yes! Check out our Blox Fruits value list page.