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Pog Immortuus Value

Pog Immortuus Value

Pog Immortuus Value

Dark Matter:💎22000000000

What is Pog Immortuus?

Pog Immortuus is a Legendary rarity pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X via trading. It is a re-skin of Immortuus and is one of the four “Pog” pets currently in the game.

How much is Pog Immortuus worth?

The current Pog Immortuus value is estimated to be around 5000000000 diamonds for the normal version.

How to get Pog Immortuus?

Pog Immortuus was only available to obtain for one week, between September 11th and September 18th, 2021. It could be hatched from a Pog Egg.

Purchasing a Pog Egg required players to unlock the secret area that it was located in. In order to do that, they had to type “knock knock” while standing in front of a building near the VIP area in the Town. The requirements for it to work were to have Heaven’s Gate unlocked, and be at Impossible rank or higher.

Once the area was unlocked, the player would automatically obtain a Pog Cat and have access to the Pog Egg. The egg cost 11 Billion Fantasy Coins to purchase.

Other pets contained in the egg were:

Pog Immortuus Hatch Rate

The base hatch rate for Pog Immortuus was estimated to be around 0.00949%. With full boosts, it was around 1.1866%.

What is Pet & Gem Value?

There are two main values for pets. Pet Value and Gem Value.

  • Pet Value is the default used here and is the total amount of diamonds the pet would be worth when trading other pets for it.
  • Gem Value is what the pet would be worth if only diamonds (gems) were traded for it.

What are the different pet rarities?

  • (N) = Normal
  • (G) = Golden
  • (R) = Rainbow
  • (DM) = Dark Matter
  • (S) = Shiny

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