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Solo Leveling Arise Tier List

This is a Solo Leveling Arise tier list for all characters (aka hunters) in the game. We rate them based on their performance in PvE.

Solo Leveling Arise Tier List

Each hunter is assigned a tier rating based on how well they perform in the game. The ratings are:

  • SS: These characters are currently the best in the game, and are a core part of the meta.
  • S: Very strong characters, but not quite as overpowered as SS ones.
  • A: Strong characters that can work great, but definitely have their weaknesses.
  • B: Average characters that can work as a filler for better ones.
  • C: Situational characters that are rarely used.
  • D: Generally useless characters that shouldn’t be used.
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Solo Leveling Arise Tier List

This is the solo leveling tier list. You can filter each character by Class, Element and Rarity. SSR characters are rated based on them having at least their Exclusive Weapon unlocked.

Tier List

Character Summaries

SS Tier

Choi Jong-In packs a serious punch! He deals crazy damage, especially as the game goes on. His ultimate is insane – it can absolutely wreck the other team. If you’re looking for the most powerful damage dealer, he’s your guy. He blows other DPS units like Emma and Baek Yonhoo (Silver Mane) out of the water.

Emma Laurent

Emma Laurent can do it all – breaker, hits hard, and can even tank a bit. She’s awesome for clearing stages, and she works super well with Choi. She might not be the absolute best at end-game stuff, but she’s still a total powerhouse for most of the game.

Baek Yonhoo (Silver Mane) hits like a truck, but they’re also a bit of a glass cannon. They move kinda slow and clunky, but dang – they can mess some stuff up. If you need someone to lay down some serious hurt, they’re your best bet.

Okay, Seo Jiwoo is seriously underrated. She’s the only water SSR at global launch, and she’s a beast at late-game grinding. A lot of people sleep on her, but she can dish out the damage. If you need water power, don’t overlook this girl!

Baek Yoonho is a tank who also dishes out some strong damage. Even though he’s got a bit less health than some others, he scales with defense, so he’s super hard to kill. He can break enemies and hits really hard on top of that. Basically, if you need someone who can do it all, he’s your guy.


Min Byung-Gu can buff your team’s critical hit rate and critical damage like crazy. He’s also a good healer, debuffer, and is super useful at the endgame for that.


S Tier

Lim Tae-Gyu is a beast, and his ultimate is totally broken (in a good way). The stronger his Dark damage and attack stats, the harder he hits. Plus, the dude has a built-in way to avoid attacks – he doesn’t even need to use the normal dodge! That makes him super hard to take down.

Nam Chae-Young is food for crowd control and freezing stuff. Make her tanky (lots of health) and she’s a pain to take down. Great if you’re stuck on fire levels.

Park Heejin dishes out impressive damage that scales with her ATK stat, and she’s got some useful abilities that also benefit the whole team. If you need a versatile SR unit that can pack a punch, she’s a solid choice.

Lee Bora is a total damage machine! The more you pump up her attack, crit rate, and crit damage, the crazier she gets. Plus, she’s not just a one-woman wrecking crew – she buffs all your other dark-type characters too. Basically, she’s a must-have for any dark team, and ridiculously strong on her own.

Kang Taeshik is a lightning-fast monster with ridiculous damage output. His ability to inflict massive ‘bleed’ damage is super powerful, and his rare “darkness” trait makes him a super valuable addition to any team looking for that extra edge.

A Tier

Yoo Jinho is a decent breaker with slow attacks. His main extra utility comes from dropping a potion that heals your team for a small percentage of HP. He’s not a bad character, especially since you’ll get free duplicates of him, but there are stronger options if you want to focus on breaking.

Woo Jinchul is a melee character focused on dodging and breaking enemy defenses. He has quite low DPS for an SSR unit, but has high mobility.

Kim Chul is a true tank! His main focus is providing his team with a protective shield, making him a great pick for keeping your team alive longer. He outperforms Jinho in this regard, making him the go-to choice for those who prioritize survivability.

Anna Ruiz

Anna Ruiz is the queen of poison. Gets better in the late game. Long-term investment. Pairs really well with Kang Taeshik and other DoT characters. With that said, there are better options for spenders.

Hwang Dongsuk is a solid SR who can both dish out damage and break down enemy defenses. He can stun his opponents, and has some skills to boost his own health, making him harder to kill while he’s smacking the other team around. He can even heal himself up a bit and give himself a shield, so he’s surprisingly tough. Plus, he’s got a charge move that pulls enemies together, which makes it easier for your team to wreck them all at once.

B Tier

If you’re a F2P player, Song Chiyul can be a useful early-game character. He deals extra damage against regular enemies, helping you clear out mobs, but struggles against bosses. He also becomes your only option for early fire-element damage unless you’re lucky enough (or spend enough) to get Choi.

Han Song-Yi is a fast DPS character with the unique ability to poison her enemies with her ‘Umbral Weapons’. Her passives naturally increase her crit rate and crit damage, making her a strong contender. While she might not be as powerful as Anna overall, she’s still a solid choice.

C Tier

Hwang Dongsu can remove shields and stun opponents, which can be a lifesaver. While he does need some dupes to unlock his full potential, he is still a valuable DPS worth considering if you don’t have anything better.

An absolute powerhouse in the early game! Jo Kyuhwan can inflict burn damage, making quick work of those early bosses. However, his limited range and decreasing power as you progress in the game make him more of a temporary star than a long-term investment.

Currently, healing isn’t a major focus in the game, making Lee Joohee’s abilities less valuable. However, she boasts a fantastic character design, which might be enough to make her worth considering!

Kim Sangshik suffers from slow, clunky skills and an underwhelming ultimate move. He lacks any real standout qualities, making him easily replaceable by any other breaker you might pull.

D Tier

Sadly, Park Beom-Shik is incredibly slow and lacks any significant utility beyond some basic damage. It’s generally not recommended to invest resources into leveling him.

Solo Leveling: ARISE is available to play for free on Google Play, App Store, and Steam. Download and play today!.