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Steel Armored Karaka Build, Skills, Team [ToG: New World Wiki]

[Steel Armored] Karaka

Welcome to our [Steel Armored] Karaka wiki guide for Tower of God: New World. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best ToG New World Karaka build.

Tower of God New World Tier List Rank: S+


[Steel Armored] Karaka Profile

  • Color: Purple
  • Grade: SSR+
  • Class: Tank
  • Type: Physical

[Steel Armored] Karaka Summary

Karaka has emerged as the strongest defensive character in the game. His skill set provides numerous protective abilities for the team, including reviving fallen allies, reducing incoming damage, and drawing enemy fire using taunts. Their second skill and special attack both possess the taunt ability, allowing this tank to safeguard teammates from harm reliably.

Additionally, their special attack can deal impressive damage, making this character more than just a stalwart guard. The combination of formidable defense and offense makes this tank uniquely valuable. With crowd control, damage mitigation, revival, and threat generation, they excel at anchoring a team’s frontline and ensuring your other damage dealers survive long enough to secure victory. This may be the best overall tank in the current game meta for these reasons.

Are you wondering how well he compares to other characters? See our Tower of God New World tier list page for more information.

[Steel Armored] Karaka Build

The best Karaka build is currently pending. We’ll update this page once there is more information.

[Steel Armored] Karaka Best Team

The best Karaka team is currently pending. We’ll update this page once there is more information.

[Steel Armored] Karaka Skills

Rain of Darkness
Special Move
Karaka summons a black orb, pushes nearby enemies back, then Provokes them to attack the black orb for 4s. Karaka becomes immune to status effects while creating the black orb. He unleashes Rain of Darkness when the black orb creation ends, dealing 120% of his ATK as DMG 3 times to enemies in an area and Knocking them Back. The black orb then deals 100% of the absorbed DMG as additional DMG. (Additional DMG cap – 1,000% of caster’s ATK) The black orb does not have HP and takes damage as a boss would when hit with attacks that deal damage proportional to Max HP.
World of Darkness
Karaka summons 6 dark orbs in random locations for 10s, dealing 400% of his ATK as DMG to enemies who come in contact with them and Provoking enemies for 5s.
Steel Tree
Karaka utilizes his special Armor Inventory to become immune to status effects for 5s, decreases his DMG taken by 60%, and Provokes nearby enemies for 5s. He unleashes a windstorm in front of himself when the Armor Inventory is removed, dealing 200% of his ATK as DMG to enemies within range 4 times.
Infinite Past Lives
If Karaka is the first to take fatal DMG in battle, he is revived with 80% of his Max HP Recovered. He then deals 100% of his ATK as DMG to nearby enemies and inflicts Fear on them for 3s.

[Steel Armored] Karaka Story

Slayer No. 11 of FUG

A cold-blooded individual who doesn’t hesitate to kill for the sake of his dreams.

Although he has a cold and cruel personality, he keeps his work and private life separate and is highly trusted by his subordinates for his excellent insight and judgment. Although he respects his mentor Jinsung Ha, he is hostile towards his fellow pupil, Jue Viole Grace, and has used many tricks in an attempt to kill him several times.

After a certain incident, his hostile attitude towards Viole softened, but his determination to achieve FUG’s goals remained the same.

Aside from the desires of every member of FUG, Karaka’s personal obsession with Zahard stems from a red, three-eyed ring that he owns.

Tower of God: NEW WORLD is available to play for free on the App Store and Google Play.