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Toilet Tower Defense Episode 67 Part 3 Update Log

Here’s the complete Toilet Tower Defense Episode 67 Part 3 update log. This update was released on November 20th, 2023.


The next TV Titan, Upgraded Titan Cinemaman, is here! Since this is the new strongest unit, it is the first unit in a new rarity: Godly!

This unit can be summoned with coins at a 0.01% chance (up to 0.04% with boost/luck pass).

He has many attacks, including AOE TVs, a sword, a laser, and claws that can stop toilets!

🦃 Thanksgiving 2023 Event

The turkeys are here…

Follow the leafy path from the spawn to the gate with the event!

🌆 Turkey Town

Earn a free Turkey Crate every time you beat the Turkey Town map!

This mode is 7% easier than Nightmare (for comparison, the Halloween event was 17% harder)!

📦Turkey Crate

The new Turkey Crate is here! You can grab 1 crate for free per win in the Event Mode. You can also buy Turkey Crates (and gift) in Shop!

Units in Crate:

  • 🔊 Turkey Speakerman – Does AOE damage with speakers to nearby toilets!
  • 📷 Turkey Cameraman – TURKEY CAMERAMAN!!!!!! RAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (he throws turkeys at toilets)
  • 📢 Large Turkey Speakerman – Does AOE damage AND punches nearby toilets!
  • 🧑‍🍳 Chef TV Man – Throws EXPLOSIVE pepperoni pizzas at toilets, and when upgraded, unlocks pineapple pizza too – which stuns toilets!

🎃 Halloween Event Ended

The Halloween event is gone 😦

A total of 7.6 million Scary Crates were opened! There are still many unopened..

🗺️ Lobby Changes

The map is now just fall themed – there are still pumpkins but no more Halloween decorations!

👕 Clothing Changes

Some units have different clothes – we are working on remaking a bit of the clothing to ensure everything matches!

💥 Splash Tag

Units which deal splash damage are now marked with a “Splash” tag in your inventory!