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Tower of Fantasy Black Nucleus Guide

Are you looking to find a use for your black nucleus in Tower of Fantasy? Look no more. Here is your complete Tower of Fantasy Black Nucleus guide.

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Tower of Fantasy Black Nucleus Guide

Action MMORPGs like Tower Of Fantasy have a lot of items that make the game enjoyable. Exploration and grind to level up your characters is one of them. The other one is getting the best gear for your characters. Most RPGs will have some sort of in-game currency used to purchase these items. Tower Of Fantasy also implements that formula.

In Tower Of Fantasy, you will be using Black Nucleus as your currency to purchase different weapons and gears for your character. It will help you level up faster than usual and make your character ready for future battles if you don’t know anything about this in-game currency. This is your complete Tower Of Fantasy Black Nucleus Guide. 

You will need a Black nucleus in order to upgrade your weapons and characters. But, for that, you will need to know how to get them and how to use them properly. While there is only one way to spend the black nucleus, there are many ways to accumulate them over time. 

The Complete Tower Of Fantasy Black Nucleus Guide

Moving on, we will tell you what the black nucleus is and where you can get it. What are the easiest ways to get them, and how can you spend them on upgrading your character? 

What Is The Black Nucleus?

Tower of Fantasy Black Nucleus Guide

Like every other MMORPG, Tower Of Fantasy also has a few in-game currencies that you can play with. The Black Nucleus is one of them. You can use this currency to upgrade your weapons and your characters. It might not speed up your progression like the other two currencies, red and gold. But, it can still be essential. 

The difference between these three currencies is that the Balck nucleus doesn’t give you the guarantee of a rare weapon.

How To Get Black Nucleus?

Exploration and grind is the name of the game in most MMORPGs. That is exactly how you can accumulate an abundance of the Black Nucleus in Tower Of Fantasy. Simply exploring the world and doing side tasks can get you a black nucleus. These are not a super rare currency, so you won’t have to work too hard. 

You can also complete the daily bounties in Tower Of Fantasy. These can be done every day without much difficulty, and they can get you a plethora of Black Nucleus. But, remember, consistency is the key. You will have to complete these bounties every day. 

Tower Of Fantasy always has some sort of event going on, and every event comes with new challenges. Completing these challenges can get you some Black Nucleus as well. If you are strictly looking to farm Black Nucleus, you can only do the challenges that reward you with Black Nucleus. 

How To Use Black Nucleus In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Black Nucleus Guide

Now it’s time to use your hard-earned black nucleus and upgrade your characters and weapons. You can use your Black Nucleus in the Black Nucleus Cache banners. Note that the rewards that you will get from these will be completely random. So, you will be relying on your luck for a large amount of time. 

The only demotivating part about accumulating Black Nucleus in the game is that you won’t have any chance to get rare weapons and characters in the game. You can only get that with the red and gold nucleus. 

In-game currencies will push people to explore and grind the game more in order to upgrade their characters. But, the black nucleus in Tower Of Fantasy might not be completely worth it since it doesn’t give you a chance to get something rare and powerful. 

Tower of Fantasy Black Nucleus Guide

Still, it is a valuable thing to have in your possession and can get you something that you might need in-game going forward. You can also get other rewards while you are out looking at black nucleus as well. 

We hope that this guide helped you understand the concept of the Black Nucleus and how to use it in Tower Of Fantasy. 

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded for free on PC from the official ToF website