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Tower of Fantasy: How To Reroll

Here’s our Tower of Fantasy: how to reroll guide. Collecting the first seven Gold Nuclei in Astra is among the quickest ways to reroll in the game.

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Tower of Fantasy: How To Reroll

Tower of Fantasy is a newly launched game that has quickly gained fandom, with thousands playing it every day, completing quests, and having a great time.

Speaking of which, there’ve been quite a few queries about how to reroll in the tower of fantasy. Rerolling can be tricky, but it is not hard if you read this guide!

Tower of Fantasy: How To Reroll

The easiest way to reroll in Tower of Fantasy is by collecting the seven golden nuclei in Astra, or you can also use other unconventional methods like creating a new account.

Read on to know how to reroll in the game. We have also compiled all the necessary information and some FAQs for easy understanding.

Let us tell you everything you want to know about rerolling in Tower of Fantasy.

What is Rerolling in Tower of Fantasy?

Rerolling refers to repeating a summoning process until you get the character you want. While it is pretty simple in some games, you might be unable to reroll frequently in some games like Tower of Fantasy.

Rerolling in Tower of Fantasy requires you to restart the game and create a new account to get the character of your choice.

It makes the process somehow complicated. But, we have broken it down into manageable steps. Let’s take you through the rerolling process quickly.

Rerolling in Tower of Fantasy

Rerolling in Tower of Fantasy calls for a new account as the game does not offer any technique or trick to remove existing data from the database. Thus, you need to create a new account with a unique username to reroll for better results.

Make sure not to initially use the username you prefer, as it might take a few attempts to get your desired character, and you may lose your username to those trial accounts.

Step 1: Collect Gold Nucleus

The need for creating a new account arises when you do not have enough Gold Nuclei to reroll. Gold Nucleus, also known as gacha currency, is used in Tower of Fantasy to get characters by the gacha system. The game rewards you with 10 Gold Nucleus when you register. It also enables you to earn x3 more Gold Nucleus when you move through the tutorials and quests.

Complete the missions and explore the open world to find more Gold Nuclei at specific locations.

Step 2: Unlock the Gacha System

Next, you will have to complete the Ecological Station mission to unlock the gacha system. The mission comprises Scrapper interaction which gives you the entrance to the Ecological station. You will have to eliminate the Hyenas and fight the Scrapper again to unlock the gacha system and Simulacra.

Step 3: Search for a Character

The quest for your favorite character starts here as you have unlocked the gacha system and have enough Gold Nuclei to find a character. You can only hope for a top-tier weapon character while trying your luck.

Step 4: Create a New Account

If it does not work, you can create another account and follow the same process to reroll in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Log out of your current account
  • Create another account with a new email ID
  • Collect Gold Nucleus and unlock the gacha system
  • Search for a character


Tower of Fantasy does not allow you to delete previous data and choose a new character. The only way to reroll in Tower of Fantasy is to create a new account with a unique email ID, walk through the tutorial and quests, collect Gold Nucleus and unlock the gacha system, and try your luck searching for the exemplary character. 

You can repeat the process multiple times with a new email and account until you do not get the character of your choice.


Can you reroll in Tower of Fantasy?

To reroll in Tower of Fantasy, you have to log out and create a new account, as you cannot delete the existing data in the game.

How to reset the account Tower of Fantasy?

You can reset your account in Tower of Fantasy by selecting Settings in the Menu in the top right corner. Click on ‘Switch Account’ to see a log-out confirmation popup. Tap on ‘Ok’ to exit the game and log in with another ID.

What to reroll for in Tower of Fantasy?

Gamers typically reroll in Tower of Fantasy for top-tier weapon characters like Samir, Shiro, King, Tsubasa, etc. Cocoritter and Meryl are also considered good options, and players do not reroll once they obtain any of these characters.

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded for free on PC from the official ToF website