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Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

Are you looking to get ahead of other players in the game? This article will discuss the best Tower of Fantasy leveling guide methods.

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Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

Tower of Fantasy is a brand new MMORPG. It has an anime-styled sci-fi twist to it. You may confuse it with Genshin Impact, but Tower of Fantasy has its unique quirks. It is available for both Mobile and PC Players.

Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Tower of Fantasy is fairly straightforward. You gain experience in doing almost everything, from killing monsters to completing challenges. This article will provide a few tips for the players looking primarily to level up their character.

Complete Missions

Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

There could not be a simpler method to leveling your character up. Complete the missions and in return, you will gain some sweet XP. This is highly recommended for new players.

There are two types of missions in Tower of Fantasy: 

Main Missions

These provide the best XP rewards while also furthering the in-game story. Main missions are indicated as yellow exclamation marks on the map.

Side Missions

Sometimes progressing through the main story can get a bit boring. In that case, you can complete a few side missions while still winning a lot of XP. These are indicated by a purple exclamation mark.

Explore Ruins

Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

Just like domains in Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy’s alternative is Ruins/ Raid Dungeons. The difficulty of the ruins is based on the level of the ruin. These may prove to be difficult for new players with low levels. Unfortunately, these ruins cannot be completed in co-op mode, and you will have to defeat the final boss alone.

If you are brave enough to face these, you will be rewarded with various loot, on top of an XP reward. The XP awarded will be based on the difficulty of the ruins. Hence the bravest and most skilled challengers will gain the most XP.

Daily Bounties

Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

One of the most rewarding methods to gain XP is to complete daily bounties. These simple and easy tasks are refreshed daily and can be completed within an hour.

There are a total of 4 bounties to complete, each with varying XP bonuses. These also grant different loot as well. But watch out! If you don’t complete the bounty before the daily reset, the bounty will be lost, and any progress you have made will be wasted.

Watch Out For The XP Cap

Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

The game developers have added a daily XP cap to your character. Once this cap has been reached, you won’t be able to accumulate any more XP.

You need to limit your daily missions and activities and stop playing once the cap has been reached. If you want to play the game, you can go ahead. But any XP you collect after you’ve hit the cap will simply be wasted.

The cap resets daily, persuading players to log in and play every day. The good thing is that the cap also increases every day, so your play sessions can only increase in the future.

Co-op Challenges

These challenges encourage introverts to find some friends and play these challenges if they want these XP rewards. You can also win weapon level-up materials. You will need to spend 30 vitality to claim these rewards, though.

Mia’s Kitchen

Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

A very good method to enhance the amount of XP you gain is by visiting Mia’s Kitchen. The buffs granted are random and last for 30 minutes.

You will first need to unlock Mia’s Kitchen. This will happen after you complete the main story, chapter 1-5, which will unlock the adventure menu. You can access Mia’s Kitchen from here.

There is a slight twist to gaining the XP this way. There are certain time windows in which you have to log in and claim the rewards:

  • 05:00
  • 12:00
  • 18:00

Explore The World Of Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Leveling Guide

Arguably the most relaxing and enjoyable way to gain XP is by exploring. You can interact with different elements, like opening Chests and killing enemies, and will be rewarded with XP for each. All the while, you will be exploring the fictional world of Aida, passively earning XP along the way.

Opening the various chests spread out all over the world of Tower of Fantasy can be extremely rewarding. For each chest opened, you will not only gain XP, but can earn a good amount of dark crystals and other loot. Remember that the triangle and rectangle chests will respawn, but the spherical chests can be opened only once.


There are many ways to speed up the XP you can gain in Tower of Fantasy. This article discussed every method, from the most simple and relaxing to the most challenging ones. Thank you for reading!

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded for free on PC from the official ToF website.