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Wixpectr’o Value in Creatures of Sonaria: What is it Worth?

Wixpectr'o Value in Creatures of Sonaria: What is it Worth?


Value: 3k

Demand: 4

Stability: STABLE

What is Wixpectr’o?

Wixpectr’o is a tradable Tier 2 creature that can be obtained in Creatures of Sonaria. It is a flying herbivore.

How much is Wixpectr’o worth in Creatures of Sonaria?

We currently value Wixpectr’o to be worth around 3k. The player demand is 4/10, while the price stability is STABLE.


How are the Creatures of Sonaria values calculated?

The Wixpectr’o value has been calculated by experienced CoS traders on the official Discord. It is updated regularly, depending on player demand and availability.

Remember that, ultimately, a creature is only worth as much as someone is willing to trade for it. Use this value only as a guideline.


What is Creatures of Sonaria?

Creatures of Sonaria, also known as CoS, is a survival RPG on Roblox developed by Sonar Studios. The main goal is to play as a creature and grow them. There are many different creatures to collect and trade in the game. They can also be customized with lots of different palettes.

It’s a bit like Pokemon, crossed with an MMORPG. And it’s completely free to play on Roblox!