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Zenless Zone Zero Tier List – Best ZZZ Agents in June 2024

Greetings, Proxies! We’re thrilled to present our freshly updated Zenless Zone Zero tier list. We’ve used a wealth of data to compile it, including extensive playtesting, Hollow Zero performance metrics, and invaluable insights from our community of dedicated players. Our expert team has put each character through their paces, maxing them out to level 60 to ensure the most precise and reliable assessments.

We’ve also incorporated the newest additions to the ZZZ roster that were not available during the CBT, carefully placing them within our existing tiers. Rest assured, any characters absent from this list are currently under rigorous evaluation and will make their debut in future updates. So, without further ado, let’s explore which Agents are dominating the streets of New Eridu!

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) Tier List

Please keep in mind that Zenless Zone Zero hasn’t been released yet, so this data is based on the last CBT phase. This means the game’s meta is still relatively unknown, and things will likely change once players get their hands on the global release.

We’ll ensure that the current rankings on the ZZZ tier list are always up-to-date with the latest meta data.

Zenless Zone Zero Tier List

This is the main Zenless tier list. It is based on the overall performance of each character in the CBT.

You can filter the characters based on their attribute, rank, or fighting style.

Tier List

What's a tier list, and why do I need one?

A Zenless Zone Zero tier list is a ranked list of agents (characters) in the game, from the best to the worst. Tier lists can be a helpful guide when deciding which agent to acquire and invest resources into.

By choosing the right agent, you’ll be able to progress in the game faster, and avoid wasting resources trying to obtain, or invest in weak characters.

What do the tier ratings mean?

We use six different ratings to rate each character in the game. Ranking from best to worst, they are:

  • SS: Meta
  • S: Strong
  • A: Good
  • B: Average
  • C: Bad
  • D: Avoid

And that was our current ZZZ tier list guide. Make sure to follow the official Zenless Zone Zero social channels on Facebook, X (Twitter), and YouTube for the latest news about the game.