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5 Letter Words with APPE in Them [A, P, P, & E]

If you’re looking for 5 letter words with APPE in them, then we’ve got you covered! This is a complete list of all English 5-letter words that contain any combination of the letters A, P, P, & E.

5 Letter Words with APPE in Them

What is the use of this knowledge, you may be wondering? The likely reason is to obtain a clue for 5-letter word games such as Wordle, which has become a massive hit on the internet recently.

5 Letter Words with APPE in Them

Here is a list of all 5-letter words that contain the letters A, P, P, & E in them.

  1. appel
  2. apple
  3. nappe
  4. paipe
  5. paper
  6. papes
  7. papey
  8. pepla
  9. pupae
  10. rapper

And that was our list of 5-letter words with APPE in them. Hopefully, it’s helped you to solve the word puzzle! Looking for more clues for word games? Check out our Word Games and Wordle category!

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