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Ages of Conflict: World War Simulator enters Early Access on Steam

Ages of Conflict: World War Simulator has now been released on Steam’s Early Access platform. And as a special launch promotion, the game will be discounted by 15% until 24 February.

Developed and published by indie game studio JoySpark Games, the game attempts to simulate a World War in real time. Players can use realistic maps and countries or make an entirely new world to simulate. It may sound a bit like your typical strategy game, however, in Ages of Conflict, the AI is entirely in control, and you just have to sit back and observe the carnage that will ensue.

It was originally released on as a free browser game and has received quite a generous amount of exposure on YouTube since then, with YouTuber DruuuWu racking up over 1.8 million views on his playthrough of the game.

The Steam version promises to add more features, such as bigger maps, the ability to disable the AI, and many more. It should also run much smoother.

Early reviews for the game have been very positive so far, with users commenting on the game just being damn fun to play.

With a price tag of only $5.94 USD, you can’t really go wrong.