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New Details Leaked For Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

A user on Reddit is claiming to have seen an internal trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League game at a trade show revealed some tantalizing new details about the highly anticipated title.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

The leaker (u/Ritual_Owl) provided information on different editions of the game, open-world details, co-op functionality, and combat styles for the playable characters.

According to the post, a Deluxe Edition priced at £99.99 will grant players access to the game 3 days early as well as bonus battle pass points and extra costumes. A Day One Edition at £69.99 will include the extra costumes.

The leaker described Metropolis as being twice the size of Gotham City from Batman: Arkham Knight and touted a real-time weather system and day/night cycle, though they did not actually see examples of these features in the trailer itself.

Additionally, Rocksteady is said to be working on one year of extra content post-launch including new characters and missions. The trailer also apparently emphasized the ability to play solo and switch between the Suicide Squad members at will, with each having unique combat and traversal abilities.

While details are still scant on XP progression, microtransactions, and games-as-service elements, the leaker states the trailer focused heavily on letting players approach the game however they want. Deadshot will rely on gunplay while the other three specialize in melee combat.

These leaks provide the first solid details on Rocksteady’s anticipated return to the DC universe after their popular Batman Arkham trilogy. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is slated for release on 2 February 2024. It will be available on PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.