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Anniversary Gift Value 2022 (August) – Pet Simulator X

Anniversary Gift Value

Anniversary Gift Value

Price Updated: August 7, 2022

Golden: N/A
Rainbow: N/A
Dark Matter: N/A

What is Anniversary Gift?

Anniversary Gift is an egg that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X and traded to other players.

How much is Anniversary Gift worth?

The current Anniversary Gift value is 15,000,000,000 diamonds.

How to get Anniversary Gift?

Anniversary Gift is a special item that was rewarded to players for the one-year anniversary of Pet Simulator X. To receive the gift, players have to login to the game between July 29, 2022 and July 30, 2022. They also need to be at Pro rank or higher.

This egg contains two Exclusive pets:

The egg is tradable and can be sold or bought by other players in-game for diamonds.

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Sunday 31st of July 2022

got 12 selling each 15.5b username: MagikarpHuntTN Discord: Karp#3882


Sunday 31st of July 2022

just bought one of some rando for 1.5b and 8 dm pixel demons lol


Saturday 30th of July 2022

I want to buy it for 8B


Saturday 30th of July 2022

Do Huge pets work the same in Hardcore mode or are their stats reduced? There’s no information. I see people either with all HC pets or loads of Huge pets and one HC pet. I wasn’t sure what the difference is at this point.