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Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds 2024 (June)

Minecraft is a critically acclaimed sandbox game made by Mojang Studios. It features a procedurally generated world that provides players with limitless adventures.

One important part of Minecraft’s world that affects these adventures is the seed. Here is our guide on how to find the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds.

Minecraft Seeds are a code composed of a string of values that are used in generating worlds in Minecraft. Everything from the biome you spawn into the tall mountains you encounter is determined by your world’s seed.

As Minecraft is a procedurally generated sandbox, you end up with a completely different world whenever you start a new game. However, if you input a seed during the world generation then you can start up with the same world every time.

Then you might ask yourself “What makes a good seed?”.

A good seed will spawn you in a favorable area. For example, spawning near a village is advantageous. That would give you an easy start as you can turn the village into an early shelter. The golems can guard you at night while you sleep in the houses in the village. There’s also a source of food from the village’s farm.

Another thing that makes a seed good is its proximity to landmarks.

There are certain large rare structures that generate in every Minecraft world like the Ocean Monuments or Strongholds. Usually, these structures are far away from where the player spawns, but in certain seeds they can be extremely close by.

However, as Minecraft expands and its world generation algorithm changes, some seeds from previous versions might not generate the same terrain in later versions. Check these seeds down below if you want a good start to your 1.19 adventure!

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Here are the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds that we’ve found so far! More will be added as time goes by, so stay tuned to this page for updates.

You can click on the seed ID to automatically copy it to your keyboard to make it easy to use.

Woodland Mansion Village

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: 160, 120, 25

In this seed, there is a Woodland Mansion and a village at spawn.

A Woodland Mansion is a rare structure that generates in the Dark Forest biomes.

Inside the mansion are dangerous enemies like the Evokers and Vindicators, but it also contains chests with loot for those brave enough to adventure inside.

The village nearby can act as a small base. Additionally, if anything unfortunate happens to you inside the mansion, then it will also be a nearby safe spawn point.

Ocean Monument Island Village

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: 210 63 205

This seed has an Ocean Monument and village near the spawn.

An Ocean Monument is another one of the rare structures that can be found in Minecraft’s Overworld. It’s a dangerous area filled with Guardians and Elder Guardians. 

Not only do you have to worry about these monsters, but the constant threat of drowning makes things more difficult. Thankfully, the nearby village is a great safe haven to retreat to.

This is a great seed if you want Prismarine or Sponges and don’t want to spend hours looking for an Ocean Monument.

The Ruined Portal

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: 8, 89, 83

If you’d rather explore the Nether than the Overworld, then this seed is for you.

This seed spawns you in a village that has a ruined portal. If you manage to fix it and go through, it will take you to the top of a Bastion Remnant.

Bastion Remnants are structures full of Piglins and Piglin Brutes. Golden armor can keep you safe from Piglins, but Piglin Brutes will always attack you on sight so be prepared if you want to explore this area. If you manage to defeat or avoid them however, these structures also contain some amazing items in the chests at the top.

Portal to the Nether Fortress

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: 68, 77, 30

Similar to a seed from earlier, this one will spawn you into a village with a ruined portal as well.

Fixing it up and going through it this time takes you to the foot of a Nether Fortress.

Nether Fortresses are the only places where Blazes and Wither Skeletons spawn. Their halls also occasionally contain treasure chests with useful items.

If you’re looking for a Nether adventure, then this may be the seed for you.

Journey to the Ancient City

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: -362, -29, 149

In this seed, you spawn in the Badlands biome with a large hole nearby which leads to a big dripstone cave. Further exploring that cave will lead you to the Ancient City, a new structure introduced in 1.19. This is a very rare structure that spawns deep underground.

It contains some of the new Sculk blocks and the deadly new mob, the Warden.

And similarly, with all the previous dangerous structures, it lures players into exploring it by having chests with loot scattered about the area.

Desert Temple Village

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: 75, 73, 170

In this seed, you’ll find a village next to a Desert Temple.

The Desert Temples will always have four treasure chests at the bottom for you to loot. Just be careful though as there is a pressure plate near the chests. Triggering this booby trap will end up blowing up you and those chests full of treasure.

Mixed Biomes

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: -54, 96, -392

Those who enjoy building bases in scenic areas might like this next seed. This seed spawns you in an area with a great variety of biomes. In close proximity to one another are the Jungle, Badlands, Savannah, and Plains biomes. The nearby village is also a great bonus.

Mangrove Swamp Biome

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


Another new addition in version 1.19 is the Mangrove Swamp biome. You can explore this area with its mud blocks and mangrove trees to look for the new passive mob, the frog! If you want to check that out as soon as possible then this seed is for you.

Ancient Dripstone City

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: -1035, -45, -563

It is rare for two biomes to combine and still look good. In this seed, the Dripstone Caves and Ancient City blend together into a realistic-looking area. It is a bit far from spawn though as it is located somewhere around -600, -1000.

Ancient Sculk City

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

Seed ID:


  • XYZ Coordinates: -220, -38, -198

The spawn underneath this seed has an underground tunnel system and Ancient City is completely overrun with Sculk Blocks and Sculk Shriekers. A large amount of Sculk Shriekers can trigger a Warden on you if you’re careless. This can add a layer of challenge or horror to those who are adventurous enough to try it out, or those who want to continuously hunt the Wardens themselves.

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