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Brown Dust 2 Jayden’s Gate code: Remove the Guidance Counselor room’s door lock

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Are you stuck trying to remove the Guidance Counselor room’s door lock? Here’s our Brown Dust 2 Jayden’s Gate code guide to help you!

Brown Dust 2 Jayden’s Gate Code: Remove the Guidance Counselor room's door lock

Brown Dust 2 Jayden’s Gate code

To progress in Jayden’s Gate, you must unlock the door by entering the correct code. The door code for the guidance counselor’s room is:

  • 1-2-3.

Simply tap on the door and input the code to gain access. Once inside, you can continue your journey and delve deeper into the secrets of the game.


Congratulations! You now have all the information you need to unlock the secrets of Jayden’s Gate in Brown Dust 2. Remember to pay close attention to character dialogue, explore the school thoroughly, and use your problem-solving skills to crack the puzzles along the way.

With the correct door code and a strategic approach to battles, you will successfully progress through this captivating chapter and uncover the hidden treasures that await you. Enjoy your adventure in Brown Dust 2!

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