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Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile Guide

Here’s our Diablo Immortal rite of exile guide.

Diablo Immortal has fascinating lore, and the content it has to offer is simply amazing. Once you end the game, there are various activities that you can take part in, including Rite of Exile. Therefore, this guide will discuss the Rite of Exile and everything that you need to know about it.

What is Rite of Exile? 

Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile Guide

To understand the Rite of Exile, there is another concept that you need to familiarise yourself with, the Cycle of Strife. 

As you may or may not know, in Diablo Immortal, there are the Immortals, and then there are the Shadows. The immortals are responsible for protecting the Sanctuary. To ensure that the Immortals are carrying out their tasks and not slacking off, the Shadows tend to challenge them every now and then.

During this challenge, if the immortals lose the battle, the Shadows will then take over to become the new Immortals. This way, the stronger individuals are always at the top to defend the Sanctuary. And those new shadows will also get replaced someday, and it’s a never-ending cycle. Due to this, it is known as the Cycle of Strife. 

The game mode where the Shadows are able to challenge the Immortals is known as Rite of Exile. Only the top 10 Dark Clans are allowed to take part in this challenge in which they go against the best players sent from the Immortals.

What Happens in the Rite of Exile?

Amongst those 10 Dark Clans, they can send out 8 players to face off in a PvP match against 8 other immortals in a single battle. As there are 10 clans in total, 10 battles will take part simultaneously. 

If the Dark Clans win at least 6/10 battles, they get the chance to take part in “Challenge of the Immortal.” 

These fights tend to have multiple tasks, but they’re primarily divided between the “attacking side” and a “defending side.”

Each side will have specific tasks such as destroying or defending statues or icons. Players could also get asked to move around a bunch of statues as well. All of these tasks lead to one final stage where a player must defend or destroy the final statue or icon. Teams will have 80 lives, and there tend to be time limits on the tasks as well. 

Challenge of the Immortal 

As we mentioned earlier, once the Shadows can win the majority of the battles against the Immortals, they get a chance to take part in the Challenge of the Immortal. 

In this game mode, one Immortal will get a massive buff and take on 30 shadows from all the Dark Clans. It is essentially a raid boss fight like the one in Shadow Wars.

There are two outcomes to Challenge of the Immortal. Either the Immortal wins the 1-vs-30, and the immortals get to keep their status. 

Or the Shadows could win. In this case, the leader of the top Dark Clan in the Rite of Exile would become the top Immortal. Their Dark Clan would then become Immortals ranked underneath them.

Perks of Becoming Immortal

Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile Guide

There can only be a few hundred Immortals at a time on a server. That is why the title is quite the achievement.

Furthermore, Immortals can access the Immortal Vault, which is full of the most powerful weapons and gear in the game. Although you’d be limited to your class-specific items, you can still claim one legendary item at a time. 

Lastly, as an Immortal, you will have exclusive game modes such as Kion’s Ordeal. It is a 48-player raid for the higher-ranked Immortals with worthwhile rewards.

How to Qualify for Rite of Exile

As mentioned earlier, to take part in Rite of Exile, you need to be part of the top 10 Dark Clans. So, the first step to being legible for Rite of Exile would be to increase your clan’s ranking. 

There are many methods that you can use to increase your ranking, but the best way is to take part in game modes. The specific game modes that can help you out are:

  • Shadow War
  • Raid the Vault
  • Path of Blood
  • Akeba’s Challenge

Once your clan is in the top 10, you need to ensure that you are a high-level member of your clan as well. Most of the clans will prefer to send out their best players, and if you’re not among them, you won’t have a solid chance of taking part in Rite of Exile.

With that, you know everything about Rite of Exile in Diablo Immortal! It is a challenging game mode that helps maintain the hierarchy of the servers. And if any clan wants the chance of becoming the next Immortals of the server, Rite of Exile is the way to go!

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