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Did Rockstar just drop a GTA VI Tease?

Rockstar Games recently made a post on X (formally Twitter) that has the Grand Theft Auto community buzzing with speculation. The post included an image of the famous Vinewood sign from GTA V, with the letters ‘VI’ prominently displayed.

While the post was mainly promoting current in-game events for GTA Online, many fans believe the highlight of ‘VI’ was an intentional tease about the next numbered installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. The series’ last main entry was GTA V, released in 2013, so fans have been eagerly awaiting news of GTA VI for years.

The image shows a couple posing in front of the iconic Vinewood sign at an angle where the letters ‘VI’ are in clear focus. Given Rockstar’s penchant for hiding clues in plain sight, the conspicuous focus on ‘VI’ seems unlikely to be unintentional.

Some speculate this could be Rockstar’s subtle way of building hype and signaling that an announcement about GTA VI could be coming soon. However, nothing is confirmed yet. Rockstar has not made any official indication about GTA VI or when it might be revealed.

For now, this remains simply a theory among hopeful fans. But the potential tease has certainly sparked excitement and discussion within the GTA community. If Rockstar does have GTA VI news to share in the future, this post has primed fans to analyze every image for more clues about what’s to come.