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Elden Ring: Best Ashes of War for Colossal Weapons

Here is our Elden Ring: best Ashes of War for Colossal Weapons guide. Learn which AoW’s work best with colossal weapons in the game.

Continuing the trend of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series, Elden Ring features a wide assortment of weapons and skills that can combine with each other to disrupt the balance of the game. While the Ash of War trend seems to be rising for most of the weapons, the Colossal weaponry is still left in the dark. 

In Elden Ring, there are many Ashes of War deemed to be perfect for Colossal Weapons. However, the ones that take the cake are only limited to Thunderbolt, Bloodhound’s Step, and Storm Stomp. Being able to use them to their advantage can reward handsomely. 

Needless to say, the Colossal Weapons are the slowest weapons you can possibly equip in Elden Ring. Therefore, you need to get rid of their base slow attack speed in order to make them shine through with the help of Ashes of War. 

In this guide, we will be taking a look at the best Ashes of Wars you can equip for Colossal Weapons in Elden Ring, so let’s jump in and get started!

Elden Ring: Best Ashes of War for Colossal Weapons

Here are the top 3 best Ashes of War for Colossal Weapons in Elden Ring.

  • Thunderbolt
  • Bloodhound’s Step
  • Storm Stomp

Top Colossal Weapons Ashes of Wars

Elden Ring: Best Ashes of War for Colossal Weapons

As mentioned, there is probably a plethora of Ashes of Wars that can help boost your weapon damage. However, the main problem that the colossal weapons suffer from is not damage but their attack speeds. Luckily, the Ash of War is the answer for that as well. 

Having said that, there are many opinions about the validity of most Ashes of Wars on Colossal Weapons. While they do tend to work, most of them are generally the icing on the cake. On that note, we have selected the ones that are legitimately good, so let’s dive into them below:

1.) Thunderbolt

Elden Ring: Best Ashes of War for Colossal Weapons

The Thunderbolt Ash of War belongs to the rare elemental skills present in Elden Ring. While most of them are extremely useful in their own regards, nothing quite comes to the level of Thunderbolt on Colossal weapons. 

The reason is mainly linked to the fact that this spell can be fired in rapid succession to bring down multiple bolts of lightning on your enemies. Since the skill scales with base weapon damage, you will have a good time using it with Colossal Weapons due to their hard-hitting nature. 

2.) Bloodhound’s Step

Elden Ring: Best Ashes of War for Colossal Weapons

The Bloodhound’s Step is an Ash of War that finds its way in regardless of the weapon choice. The dodge along with the invisibility makes it perfect for any situation. Since the Colossal weapons suffer from mobility, the Ash of War becomes the perfect solution. 

Bloodhound’s Step generally has pretty good dexterity scaling. Therefore, you won’t have to worry much about DPS since you can simply weave in skill between every auto-attack Having said that, the damage unleashed from Bloodhound’s Step is 100% lightning, and possessing elemental damage is always a plus in Elden Ring. 

3.) Storm Stomp

Elden Ring: Best Ashes of War for Colossal Weapons

The Storm Stomp is more of a gap-creating ability that enables you to swing your weapon with full confidence. Since the main weakness of a Colossal Weapon is the time it takes for each swing, having that extra artificial distance always helps. 

Your character will essentially smash his/her foot in the ground, thereby conjuring a small storm to go forth that will knock back any enemies in its path. Despite the skill’s relatively moderate cooldown, it can still provide quality affinity between Strength and Dexterity. 


All in all, the best Ash of War to go for on heavier weapons is none other than Bloodhound’s Step. But if you’re trying to gain a bit more utility out of your weapon skills then Thunderbolt and Storm Stomp are great options to go for as well.  

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