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Event Cool Egg Value in Pet Simulator 99

Welcome to our price listing page for Event Cool Egg! Looking for the up-to-date Event Cool Egg value? Check out the latest prices below. We will keep this page updated daily, so always make sure to check it before you make a trade in-game!

Event Cool Egg Value

Event Cool Egg Value

Demand: 8/10
Price Stability: Unstable

Event Cool Egg Value: 💎17B

What is Event Cool Egg?

Event Cool Egg is a tradable Pet Egg that can be obtained in Pet Simulator 99. It was added with the Cinco de Mayo update, which was released on April 29, 2023.

How much is Event Cool Egg worth in Pet Sim 99?

The current Event Cool Egg value is 17B gems.

How to get Event Cool Egg?

Event Cool Egg can be obtained by converting old event pets into the new Huge-A-Tron machine.

It requires 100 points to obtain one Event Cool Egg. Each event pet converted is worth between 1-4 points.

Event Cool Egg Pets

The following pets can be hatched from an Event Cool Egg:

How are the Pet Simulator 99 values calculated?

The Pet Simulator 99 values are based on various metrics, including input from experienced traders from Pet Simulator X, community feedback on Discord, and in-game player booths. All values are in diamonds (gems) and are subject to change.

What are the different pet rarities?

There are three different pet rarities in Pet Simulator 99, Normal, Golden, and Rainbow. Each pet can also be Shiny, which makes them 2.5x stronger and has a shiny in-game appearance.


Event Cool Egg is a pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator 99 and has a starting value of 31.62M diamonds.

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