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Pet Simulator X St Patrick’s Day Event 2023 Value List

Are you looking for an up-to-date Pet Simulator X St Patrick’s Day Event 2023 value list? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the prices for every St Patrick’s Day Event pet that has been added to the game.

Pet Simulator X St Patrick's Day Event 2023 Value List

We will be updating the pet values on a regular basis, so make sure to check them before making any big trades!

Pet Simulator X St Patrick’s Day 2023 Value List

Here are all the St Patrick’s Day Event pets known so far. Click on each one for more information about them.

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What is the St Patrick’s Day Event in PSX?

The St Patrick’s Day event in Pet Simulator X is a special limited-time event celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

This event was recently leaked, so the exact details are still unknown.

There are currently five known pets that can be obtained from the event.

What is Pet & Gem Value?

There are two main values for pets that we use for our price listings. They are Pet Value and Gem Value.

  • Pet Value is the default used here and is the total amount of diamonds the pet would be worth when trading other pets for it.
  • Gem Value is what the pet would be worth if only diamonds (gems) were traded for it. This is usually traded at a booth in the Trading Plaza.

What are the different pet rarities?

There are five main pet rarities in Pet Simulator X. However, all pets can be “Shiny”, even Huge and Titanic pets. For simplicity’s sake, we use abbreviations to represent each rarity.

  • (N) = Normal
  • (G) = Golden
  • (RB) = Rainbow
  • (DM) = Dark Matter
  • (S) = Shiny

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And that’s our current Pet Sim X St Patrick’s Day Event 2023 value list that we’ve got for now.

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