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Huge Lucky Cat Value

Welcome to our price list for Huge Lucky Cat! Looking for the up-to-date Huge Lucky Cat value? Check out the latest prices below. We will keep this page updated daily, so always make sure to check it before you make a trade!

Huge Lucky Cat Value

Huge Lucky Cat Value

(N) Gem Value:💎420B
(N) Demand: 6/10
(G) Gem Value:💎1.65T
(G) Demand: /10
(RB) Gem Value:💎2T
(RB) Demand: /10

What is Huge Lucky Cat?

Huge Lucky Cat is an Exclusive rarity pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X.

How much is Huge Lucky Cat worth?

The current Huge Lucky Cat value is estimated to be worth around 420B diamonds for the normal version.

How to get Huge Lucky Cat?

Huge Lucky Cat is obtainable for a limited amount of time by buying an Exclusive Pets Egg from the Exclusive Shop. It costs 800 Roblux for one, and 2400 for three.

Other pets that are included in the egg are:

Lucky Cat Hatch Rate

The hatch rate for Huge Lucky Cat is 2%.

Best Friend Pets

All “Huge” pets are born with the unique enchant “Best Friend”. This enchant will make the pet as strong as your overall strongest pet.

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Sunday 30th of April 2023

what is the signed by razorfishgaming amount?


Friday 25th of March 2022

i hatched this on my first try