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Rebirth Champions X Secret Pets 2023 (February)

Rebirth Champions X is a brand new game on Roblox. The main goal of it is to click and collect pets! It’s a very simple concept, and if you’ve ever played other games such as Pet Simulator X or Clicker Simulator, then you’ll be right at home in this game.

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Rebirth Champions X Secret Pets

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What is the strongest pet in Rebirth Champions X?

Mysterious 60M Destroyer is currently the strongest pet in the game.

Rebirth Champions X Secret Pets

As the game is new, there isn’t a lot of information about it yet. This is especially true for the elusive secret pets that can be hatched from certain worlds. We’ve crawled the web, and in-game for a list of all Rebirth Champions X Secret Pets. Here’s what we’ve found so far.

If you know of any we’ve missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the page ASAP!

PetLevel 50 StatsBase Hatch RateSource
Megalodon7.5 Qd1 / 125MSummer 2022 Egg
60M Destroyer2.2 Qd1 / 166M60M Egg
Star Champion1.5 Qd1 / 148M??
Palm Gem1.2 Qd1 / 12.5MSummer 2022 Egg
Palm Island596T1 / 1.66MSummer 2022 Egg
60M Split670.5T??60M Egg
Alien Tutel 372.5T????
Galactic Gryphon312.9T????
60M Trophy283.1T??60M Egg
Prismatic Pyramid134.1T????
Alien Creature 111.8T????
Mars Lord47.7T????
Alien Hexagon 29.8T????
Solar System22.4T????
50M Orbit22.4T????
Mars Heart12.7T????
50M Beast7.5T????
Sun King7.5T????
50M Trophy1.5T????
Easter Tutel745.0B????
Steampunk Jellyfish312.9B????
Devil298.0B0.00003%Hell Egg
King Bunny149B0.00001%Easter 2022 Event
Gear Immortal119.2B0.00003%Steampunk Egg
Egg Overlord74.5B 0.00001%Easter 2022 Event
Eternal Egg52.2B0.0001%Easter 2022 Event
Crystal Gem37.3B0.00001%Cave Egg
Easter Creature29.8B 0.00009%Easter 2022 Event
Zombie Tutel22.4B 0.00001%Spooky Egg
Crystal Master19.4B 0.0001%Cave Egg
Void God14.9B 0.00001%Void Egg
Nuclear Lord7.5B 0.00001%Nuclear Egg
Reaper Immortal8.9B0.0001%Spooky Egg
Void King4.8B 0.0001%Void Egg
Nuclear Overlord2.2B 0.0001%Nuclear Egg
10M Beast4.5B 0.00001%10M Egg
10M Trophy1.2B0.0002%10M Egg
Divine Harp
2B0.00001%Heaven Egg
Magic Creature
1.3B0.00001%Magic Egg
5M Immortal800M0.00001%5M Egg
Huge Robot682M0.00002%Cyber Egg
Heaven Soul
500M0.0001%Heaven Egg
Galaxy Hexagon420M0.00002%Moon Egg
Magic Shard250M0.00015%Magic Egg
5M Trophy150M0.0002%5M Egg
Cyber Immortal90M0.0004%Cyber Egg
Phoenix60M0.0001%Volcano Egg
Planet King50M0.00035%Moon Egg
Lava Immortal20M0.0008%Volcano Egg
Snow Overlord15M0.006%Winter Egg
Sand Overlord5M0.008%Desert Egg

Magic Creature

Base Stats: 1.3B
Hatch Rate: 0.00001%
Source: Magic Egg

Magic Shard

Rebirth Champions X Magic Shard

Base Stats: 250M
Hatch Rate: 0.00015%
Source: Magic Egg

5M Immortal

Base Stats: 800M
Hatch Rate: 0.00001%
Source: 5M Event Egg

5M Immortal is the strongest and rarest pet currently in the game.

5M Trophy

Base Stats: 150M
Hatch Rate: 0.0002%
Source: 5M Event Egg

Recently added.

Huge Robot

  • Base Stats: 682M
  • Hatch Rate: 0.00002%
  • Source: Cyber Egg

Huge Robot is the second strongest pet currently in the game. It was added in the recent update.

Cyber Immortal

  • Base Stats: 90M
  • Hatch Rate: 0.0004%
  • Source: Cyber Egg

Cyber Immortal is the easiest secret Cyber pet to obtain. It only has around 90M base stats. For comparison, the Mythical Cyber Dragon has around 130M base stats when upgraded to Toxic.

Galaxy Hexagon

  • Base Stats: 420M
  • Hatch Rate: 0.00002%
  • Source: Moon Egg

Galaxy Hexagon is the third strongest pet in the game.

Planet King

  • Base Stats: 50M
  • Hatch Rate: 0.00035%
  • Source: Moon Egg


  • Base Stats: 60M
  • Hatch Rate: 0.0001%
  • Source: Volcano Egg

Lava Immortal

  • Base Stats: 20M
  • Hatch Rate: 0.0008%
  • Source: Volcano Egg

Snow Overlord

  • Base Stats: 15M
  • Hatch Rate: 0.006%
  • Source: Winter Egg

Sand Overlord

  • Base Stats: 5M
  • Hatch Rate: 0.008%
  • Source: Desert Egg

Sand Overlord is the easiest secret pet to obtain.


Base Stats: 100
Hatch Rate: 0.001%
Source: Spawn Egg

Tutel is not classed as a secret pet, but he’s a rare Mythical hatch from the first egg. He looks very cool in-game as well, so is pretty sought-after.


Friday 13th of January 2023

I've been griding for hours, is the Tutel still in the game?

Hussain Ali

Friday 23rd of December 2022

how rare is it to hatch the new christmas secrets ?

Warren Garel

Thursday 17th of November 2022

i was in my server then i saw someone hatched a mysterious couch

ong gin-keane

Monday 22nd of August 2022

im swapping my neon shard and shadow skull secreat pets for secreat pets if u want to swap send me a email,my email is [email protected]

John Kinapper Napper

Friday 22nd of July 2022

what is the fantasy creature secret value?