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Illusion Connect Rerolling 2023 (November)

Rerolling in Illusion Connect is very easy due to it having a guest account option.

You can just create an unlimited amount of them until you get the best units, then bind the account.

Reroll in 30 Seconds

1.) Create a “Guest Account”.

2.) Choose “I’m a Tactical Player”.

3.) Challenge 1:1 and then “Skip” the story cutscene.

4.) Tab out of the game. This will pause the battle.

5.) Tab back in and tap “Leave”. The fight will fail.

6.) You can now collect the 10 Summon Tickets from the mailbox and then use them.

Best Units

SSR Units

Top tier unit, one of the best in the game. She should be your top pick.

Best healer in the game.

Best early game tank and easy to obtain due to being on the Miyuki banner.

Amazing endgame unit, but not so great early on and at 3*

A great unit, and the only one that can currently be awakened. If you’re going to spend a lot to awaken her, having an extra copy can help.

Great AOE unit, especially at 5*. Good at early game, but not a super priority to get her.

SR Units

One of the best SR units due to being a counter to healers such as Anna.

Solid SR unit with dispels and debuffs in her kit.