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Loong Origin Codes 2022 (August)

Are you looking for the latest Loong Origin Clash codes? Then you’ve come to the right place! This page has a complete list of all the currently working promo codes for the game.

The only thing you need to do is follow our simple guide on how to copy and redeem the codes, and you’ll be claiming that in-game gold in no time at all!

Loong Origin Clash Codes (Active)

As of today, here is the complete list of all active codes for Loong Origin: Clash.










Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible because each code will expire at some point, and you probably don’t want to miss out on free stuff, right?!

How to Redeem Loong Origin Clash Codes?

Redeeming codes in Loong Origin: Clash is pretty simple, and it only takes a few seconds to enter each one.

Step 1: Tap on the “Benefit” button in the top right corner (It requires level 21+).

Loong Origin Codes

Step 2: Tap on the “CDK” tab.

Loong Origin Codes

Step 3: Enter the codes from this page and the items will be instantly claimed.

Where to Get New Loong Origin Clash Codes?

The games’ developer Origin Games will usually release new codes on the Official Facebook Page, so it’s worth following them there. We will also continually update this page with the latest redemption codes as soon as they’re released.

Most codes will usually coincide with special events, such as anniversary milestones, and in-game seasonal events. Please note that these are not cheats or hacks. They’re free items released by the development team and are 100% legit.

Loong Origin Clash Features

Incredibly High Drop-Rates

  • Fight against the fairy beasts in the fantasy lands, slay the evil demons in the endless purgatory.
  • Super high drop-rate, supreme gear are within reach, you’ll get everything you want!

Godlike Transformations

  • Immediate transform system, evolution by only one tap!
  • Destroying monsters with extremely high damage. Maximum attack speed and countless combo contribute to every battles!

Gorgeous Effects and Skins

  • Dreamy Wings and Magnificent Skills
  • Plenty of Skins & movie quality scene help to demonstrate your customised character. Who will be the prettiest one in your clan?

Spirit Guardians

  • Upgrading your divine mount freely, get your free incredible powerful guardian through grand open of DFR!
  • All equipment and treasures can be traded via auction, countless benefits contribute to your road to conqueror!

Abundant Gameplay

  • Abundant dungeons modes for individual, group and clan.
  • Attaining the highest level through dominating them and become stronger via every battle.

Off-line Auto Farming

  • Whatever equipment or EXP, auto farming can help to consistently enhance your character! Easy game, easy life!

And that’s our list of all available Loong Origin Clash codes for Android & iOS! Hopefully, it helps you progress a little bit better in the game.

If you’ve found any more that we’ve missed, please write a comment down below, and we’ll add them to the page ASAP!

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