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Mario Strikers Battle League Coin Farming Guide

Here’s our Mario Strikers Battle League coin farming guide. Learn everything about earning coins in Mario Strikers Battle League!

Mario Strikers Battle League has everyone excited with its chaotic 5v5 game modes. From the various playable characters to all the fun items that you can unlock, there’s a lot you can do! But if you want to unlock various items, you’re going to need coins. That is why this guide will discuss Mario Strikers Battle League coin farming techniques!

What are Coins used for?

Mario Strikers Battle League Coin Farming Guide

Before we discuss how you can earn coins, it’s worth knowing where you can exactly spend them and how much you’d need. 

The primary use of coins in Mario Strikers Battle League is to unlock gear for your players. These gear items can change the look of your player but, most importantly, affect their attributes. For example, if you want to increase the strength of a character, you could equip gear that makes that modification. But do note that usually, you’re making a sacrifice in some other gear. So if you increase your strength, some other stat such as speed could decrease. 

But let’s say you want to unlock the gear of every single character so that you can customize and dominate other players as you please. Well, for that we need to consider every single price. Each character has 24 different gear parts that they can choose from. 20/24 parts cost 100 coins, whereas 4/20 parts cost 300 coins. Adding that up means it will take 3,200 coins to unlock all the gear for one character. 

As there are 10 characters in total, it will take you 32,000 coins to unlock every single gear piece. And that is actually all that your coins will be used for as of now. But, it will be extremely hard to reach that goal and could take up to 100+ hours of grinding. 

Realistically, you could do with getting a bunch of gear for multiple characters, something that you can do with even 10k coins. But let’s now discuss the different methods of getting these coins! 

How to Earn Coins?

Mario Strikers Battle League Coin Farming Guide

There are a bunch of ways that you can use to get coins in Mario Strikers. Some are just one-time rewards, while others you can use over and over again. 

You can get 400 coins by just entering the Gear Settings Menu. So before you start using any of the other methods, we’d encourage you to claim your first 400 coins through that. 

Additionally, if you complete the Training Match, you will get 800 coins. It is a simple PvE match, and you can easily get this large amount for pretty much no effort! These both are first-time rewards, and you cannot get them again.

Cup Battles

After you loot all the simple one-time coin rewards, you can move on to Cup Battles. They also have a one-time reward, but you can repeat the method as well but for a lower amount of coins.

There are multiple Cup Battles in the game, and the first time you win one, you’ll get 400 coins. And if you play and win that same Cup, you’ll get 50 coins.

But if you complete all the Cup Battles in normal mode, you will get 500 coins in total. So the 400 for completing the first time and the 500 for completing all the Cup Battles in normal mode can add up quite nicely!

Galactic Cup Mode

Mario Strikers Battle League Coin Farming Guide

After completing all the Normal Cup Battles, you will get the chance to take part in Galactic Mode. These are definitely harder but worth the hassle. That is why players tend to use this mode the most for farming coins.

The first time you win a Galactic Cup Battle, you will be given 1000 coins. And just like the normal cup battles, there are numerous battles that you can participate in. Completing all of the Galactic Battles will give you 1000 more coins. 

Once you play the same Galactic Difficulty Cup battle again, you will be given 100 coins for each victory. 

Quick Play Battles

Quick Play Battles are a lot faster, and you can play them PvE or PvP. However, they’re generally not worth it, as you only get 20 coins on every PvP victory and 10 coins on PvE victory.

Strikers Club

The last mode that you can use for earning coins in the game is through Strikers Club. Strikers club is essentially like a clan battle where you can join any club of your own choice.

Then, you can battle amongst the 20 players inside each club for higher ranks. If you win a match, you will get 30 coins, whereas losing will earn you 15 coins. You can also get rewarded coins depending on your rank and sometimes bolts that can be used to customize your online battle stadium.

It is certainly better than Quick Play, considering you get coins even for losing. However, your best shot is getting adjusted to the Galactic Mode and trying to earn coins through that.


With that, you know everything about earning coins in Mario Strikers Battle League. Trying to unlock coins for every single gear piece can be tough, almost unrealistic. But if you use the one-time rewards, you’ll likely get anywhere around 10k coins that you can use to get decent gear!

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Mario Strikers: Battle League is available to play on Nintendo Switch.