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Fairy Building Style in Minecraft

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The fairy building style will need to be taken lightly, as some may view this style as elven style, woodland style, or perhaps some other form of fantasy style, but for the purpose of this guide, we’ll call it fairy style.

When I started designing a new area, I knew that I wanted a fantasy-style forest, but I didn’t want it to be like many other builds, which usually involve elf-like buildings like we’re used to seeing in The Lord of the Rings and other movies. I decided to go for smaller creations, as this meant I could build tiny houses, secret passages, use lighting effects and other whimsical effects.

However, I did want the cliche grand tree in the middle, simply because it not only looks impressive, especially when standing on the ground, it also acts as the main place for all my houses and other buildings

The Trees

Trees make up most of the builds, though they mostly serve as good-looking landscape pieces, they’re an important part of this building style. I build my trees with Voxel Sniper, which is highly recommended for when you want to create huge trees, but some of my smaller trees are made by hand.

One thing you may want to consider is using weird-shaped trees to make everything feel more magical and different. While a normal, straight forest looks great, we want a more fantasy-style type of forest for our fairies. Try floating trees, weirdly curved trees, trees growing from trees, trees growing and merging as one, the possibilities are endless.

On a final note, I highly recommend using an anti-leaf decay mod or server plugin to make the trees and it’s pretty much a requirement if you use Voxel Sniper or world edit. Huge trees will cause huge amounts of lag (and will crash your game) if you don’t turn leaf decay off. I personally use world guard, which I’ve got set up on a private, local host server.

Fairy Houses

My fairy houses are quite simplistic, though I think they work great. I used leaves to create a birdnest-like structure, small enough to be considered as a fairy house, but big enough for some basic furniture. The leaves will blend the house in with the highest leaves in the whole area, in this case, the cornucopia of the large tree. By adding some glowstone at the top, in between the leaves of the house, a dim light effect is added at night, which looks great in large numbers.

I’ve also added a small overhanging edge outside the entrances, this is mostly used for real players, as flying through a 2 block high gap can often be a pain. Simply landing on this edge and walking in makes this a lot easier.

I didn’t add any windows, I find this creates a more cozy feel to the inside of the house and because I play with graphics on fancy, the light will shine through the leaves, creating a neat effect. If you have your graphics settings set too fast, you may want to consider using a small window or 2 if it looks too dark inside.

Statues, Gardens, and More

No fantasy forest is finished without at least 1 magical gathering place. While I plan to create many more, I currently have a neat, excluded place for people to relax. A small, circular hill creates a neat barrier and 2 intertwining trees growing above the small pond make that pond look a little more magical.

I’ve used 2 tree-like twin statues as an entrance and build them to make them look like they’re using powers to hold up a light crystal, which could be magical in itself. These types of statues will be found throughout the forest, each with its own names, meanings, and uses.

These statues also give a more stereotypical relation to nature, especially as a type of worship or faith system. While I don’t aim to create a strong belief system, I find that creating some form of magical power, whether it’s a higher power or not, adds to the overall feel and perception of the forest as a magical place, perfect for fairies.

Secret Passages

A magical forest is nothing without some magic, which I create by using redstone clocks to power different entrances, mechanisms, and other fun tricks in the forest. For example, the large waterfall at the twin statues has a secret opening at the bottom, which only opens at night.

A maze could be randomized by constantly changing the walls, either by using a minecart system similar to that used in the rainbow runner mini game or by using normal redstone clocks. A face on a large tree could open its eye every morning or perhaps only at night by using a simple redstone clock and some sticky pistons. A waterfall (and everything else) could be shut off at night to create a calm, silent forest.

Lights could be turned on automatically at night and turned off during the day. The possibilities are (almost) endless, the only limit is your imagination, and perhaps your redstone skills and building space.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]