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How to Build a Golf Mini-Game in Minecraft

Note: This guide was written before Command Blocks were a thing.

Golf is a nice mini game which can be played on your own or with your friends. The aim of the game is the same as the real life version, which is to get the “ball” in the hole in as little throws as possible. The player with the lowest score at the end will be declared the winner.

Golf is usually played with a bow and arrow. The arrow will have to be fired as far and as close to the hole as possible. Though there’s also a version called “mob golf” in which mobs are used as golf balls.

The aim is to shoot an arrow into the hole in as little shots as possible. Once an arrow has been shot, the player then gets to shoot from the spot the arrow landed on, as long as it’s within the limits of the area.


Each hole will usually be assigned a “par”, this is the number of shots you need to score 0 points. If you manage to get the block in the hole in 1 throw below par, you score a “birdie”, which gives you a score of -1.

If you manage to do it in 2 shots under par, you score an “eagle” or “double birdie”, which is -2 points.

3 shots under par is an “albatross” or “double eagle”, which is -3 points. If you need one throw more than the par you score a “bogey”, which means you get a point. Two shots over par is a “double bogey”, worth 2 points and three shots is a “triple bogey”, worth 3 points.

It’s sometimes possible to get the block in the hole in one throw, which is called an “ace” or “hole in one”. The scoring for this will be based on the par. So if a course has a par of 3, scoring a hole in one would give you -2 points.

If a player needs more than 7 shots, the player will usually have to forfeit and leave the course with a score of +7, otherwise it could go on forever.

Mob Golf

In mob golf, actual mobs are used as golf balls. This is only possibly by using a mod or plugin which will increase the knock back effect (or enchantment strength) on weapons. The mobs are literally punched into the air and are shot far away, hopefully close to the hole.

This game is pretty much played the same way as normal golf, though passive mobs tend to run around a little after hit, so they could potentially walk into obstacles or into the hole.

Villagers are most commonly used due to their larger health and inability to fight back. However, all mobs will usually take fall damage, so it’s often advised to throw a splash potion of healing on them after each hit. Some players say you lose when you (accidentally) kill your mob. It’s up to you to set the rules.

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