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Minecraft Hoe

Dec value: Wood: 290 Stone: 291 Gold: 294 Iron: 292 Diamond: 293
Hex value: Wood: 122 Stone: 123 Gold: 126 Iron: 124 Diamond: 125
Durability: Wood: 60 Stone: 132 Gold: 33 Iron: 251 Diamond: 1562
Maximum stack: 1

A hoe is used to till grass and dirt blocks and turn them into farmland. It is crafted using 2 sticks and either 2 planks, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamonds. Unlike pickaxes and axes, hoes cannot be found in chests.

Tilling Soil

Grass and dirt are tilled by right-clicking it while holding a hoe. It will then turn into farmland on which you can plant seeds. Farmland can be hydrated, which is done automatically when water is within 4 blocks from the farmland. Rain will also hydrate farmland, but this happens very slowly and is not a reliable way to keep the farmland hydrated.

The tilling of blocks happens instantly, so there is no point in making diamond, gold, or even iron hoes. A stone hoe will allow you to till 60 blocks, which is usually enough for a large farm. Farmland will remain tilled forever if it’s hydrated but will revert to dirt if it’s dehydrated. Jumping on farmland will also revert it back to a dirt block.

Hoes as a Weapon

Hoes are terrible weapons. All of them only do half a heart of damage, which is the same as the damage of fists, but they’ll take double durability damage when used this way.

Enchanting a Hoe

It’s impossible to enchant a hoe.

Repairing a Hoe

Like most tools, hoes have durability determined by the material they’re made of. It’s possible to combine 2 damaged hoes of the same type in any crafting interface to create a new hoe of the same type with the durability of the old ones added together, plus 10%.

Crafting Recipes