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Best Strength Training Weapon in OSRS [STR Training]

‍As an Old School RuneScape (OSRS) enthusiast, you’re most probably aware of the importance of strength in combat. It’s a crucial skill that amplifies your maximum hit with each melee attack. However, not every melee weapon can deal damage while enhancing your strength experience.

Best Strength Training Weapon in OSRS [STR Training]

Best Strength Training Weapon in OSRS

We’ve developed this guide to help you identify the best strength training weapon osrs and increase your strength skill more efficiently. Let’s dive in!


Ghrazi Rapier

  • Requires: 80 Attack

The Ghrazi Rapier reigns supreme when it comes to one-handed melee weapons for strength training in OSRS. It’s the strongest of its kind, outperforming other competitors in terms of damage and experience rates.

It’s a powerful tool for training your slayer efficiently while simultaneously leveling up your strength. The performance of this weapon is notably superior to others, delivering consistent damage.

It offers an impressive strength experience rate of around 100k/hr. However, it’s not an easy item to acquire, especially for Ironman players, and is quite expensive for casual players.

You can check out the Ghazi Rapier on the official OSRS wiki for a more detailed look.


Osmuntem’s Fang

  • Requires: 82 Attack

Osmuntem’s Fang is another weapon that has made a name for itself in the strength training arsenal. Released on August 24, 2022, it has two unique passive effects making it supremely effective against high-defense targets.

While its speed doesn’t outdo the Ghazi Rapier, its experience rate is not far behind, averaging around 97.5k strength experience per hour. Ironman players can obtain the Fang as a reward from the Tombs of Amascut (Raids 3), while casual players can buy it for around 31M.

For a more thorough exploration of its capabilities, you can visit the Osmuntem’s Fang page on the official OSRS wiki.


Abyssal Bludgeon

  • Requires: 70 Attack, 70 Strength

If you’re seeking a two-handed melee weapon to enhance your strength training, the Abyssal Bludgeon is your go-to. It’s slightly less powerful than the Ghrazi Rapier but is notably cheaper.

It’s a rare reward from the Abyssal Sire. Players will need to collect and combine the Bludgeon Axon, Claw, and Spine to obtain the item naturally. You can read more about the Abyssal Bludgeon on the official OSRS wiki.


Dragon Scimitar

The Dragon Scimitar serves as a fantastic weapon for mid-tier players focused on strength training. It’s a potent scimitar that only requires a 60 attack to wield, making it an accessible choice for many players.

It offers a surprisingly high strength experience rate per hour. It’s also one of the cheapest weapons a player can buy, costing only 60k. For ironman players, the Dragon Scimitar is a boon, as it can be purchased from the shop in Ape Atoll after completing MM1. Check out the Dragon Scimitar on the official OSRS wiki for more information.


Saradomin Sword

  • Requires: 70 Attack

The Saradomin Sword is a popular choice for strength training due to its cost-effectiveness. This two-handed weapon offers up to 90k strength experience per hour with decent gear.

You can purchase it for just 200k in G/E. However, ironman players may need to spend some time before they can obtain one as a drop from Zilyana (God Wars Dungeon). For more details, visit the Saradomin Sword page on the official OSRS wiki.


Choosing the best strength training weapon in OSRS depends largely on your in-game goals and objectives. For instance, if you’re training Slayer on a maxed main, the Ghazi Rapier is an unbeatable choice. On the other hand, if you’re focusing on strength levels for your 60-attack pure, the Dragon Scimitar is irreplaceable.

Remember, strength training in OSRS isn’t just about wielding the right weapon. It’s also about understanding your character’s needs, the game’s mechanics, and how best to utilize the resources available to you. As always, happy gaming!