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Reaper 2 Trello Link and Wiki Guide

Reaper 2 is a game made in Roblox based on the popular anime series Bleach. Here’s our Reaper 2 Trello link and wiki guide.

Reaper 2 Trello Link and Wiki Guide

Roblox has become a breeding ground for anime-inspired video games. Every well-renowned anime has got its own Roblox game up till now. Reaper 2 is a game based on a popular anime series, bleach. If you are an anime fan, an RPG like this could be the game you need to play. 

Almost every Roblox game out there has its own Trello page that the developers themselves handle to make sure that their community has all the help they need when playing the game. But, finding these Trello pages can be a little Tricky. Let us help you find the Trello Link for Reaper 2. 

Reaper 2 is a Roblox game based on the Anime series bleach. Reaper 2 also has a Trello page run by its developers to help their community of players. You can visit these Trello pages by accessing the official link provided by the developers. 

Reaper 2 Trello Link and Wiki Guide

The Reaper 2 Trello page will help get a complete idea about the game’s controls, its characters, and what is the best way to play the game. If you are looking to start playing the Reaper 2 videogame in Roblox, you should visit its Trello page first. 

Here is the link to the official Reaper 2 Trello Page

What is Roblox Reaper 2?

Reaper 2 is a Roblox game developed by Yakrus and 123imnotmomo. It is another Roblox game based on a popular anime and manga series, Bleach. Most of these anime-based games are developed as a service to the fans, and surprisingly they deliver a truly authentic video game experience for the players. 

In Reaper 2, you are tasked with fighting evil spirits and hollows. As you fight these enemies, you can upgrade your character and get better at the game. You will progress in the game by completing a variety of quests and challenges. 

What is a Soul Reaper in Reaper 2

In Reaper 2, you will be playing as a soul reaper. Soul reapers are characters that are tasked with saving souls and bringing them to the Soul Society, where they are trained and made more robust. These trained souls are then asked to join different units in society. 

The main weapon of a Soul Reaper is the Zanpakuto sword. This sword is not only a weapon for the soul reaper but a companion through their countless journeys and battles. Communicating with their sword will make their bond grow stronger, and that will result in unleashing two awakening of their sword. Shikai and Bankai. 

What are Hollows in Reaper 2?

Hollows are a sad reality of the world of Reaper 2. These are souls of people who are consumed by the regrets of their life. Instead of turning into spirits that can be taken to the soul society, they become beasts with a hole in their chest. This hole signifies the absence of a heart. 

There are other ways to turn into a hollow as well in the Reaper universe, and you can learn all about it on the game’s Trello page, which has all the information coming directly from the developers. However, Hollows can be saved by soul reapers. 

What are Arrancars in Reaper 2?

Hollows in Reaper 2 are masked creatures. Arrancars are hollows that have elevated their form by removing their mask. This mask leaves behind its mark on the hollow. Hollows that turn in Arrancars are also known as Menos. 

These Menos have a few types which can be easily learned by visiting the games Trello page. The fun thing about Arrancars is that they also have their very own Zanpakuto sword that can perform a technique called the Ressurection. 

Trello pages are an excellent way of always staying up to date with your favorite Anime games made in Roblox. 

We hope this guide helped you get all the information you needed from Reaper 2’s Trello page.

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