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Reroll 7DS Account 2024 (July)

This is a guide for rerolling an account in 7DS.

It should be noted that unlike other gacha games, rerolling is generally not worth it in 7DS as you’ll get decent units from just playing through the story.

The pool of units isn’t really that amazing either and any character you get won’t really last a long time.

How to Reroll

Tap the menu button.

Tap “Player Info”.

Tap “Reset Data”.

Best Starting Units

If you REALLY want to reroll, these are the best units to target.

The Seven Deadly Sins Meliodas (SSR)

AKA Green Meliodas. This guy is quite niche, but incredibly strong for story progression. His counterattack ability can deal a huge amount of damage when he reaches low HP, and the AI will usually attack him when it’s up. He’s probably one of the best units to obtain on global for the current content. However, once you complete the story his usefulness diminishes.

Camelot’s Sword Arthur (SSR)

AKA Red Arthur. A jack of all trades, master of none kind of unit. He’ll buff the HP of all human units on his team by 15%. This character will become much stronger as global progresses in content.

Tempest Howzer (SSR)

AKA Red Howzer. A great hero for farming PvE. Everything he does is AoE, which will help clear stages with weaker enemies much quicker.

Godspeed Knight Jericho (SSR)

AKA Green Jericho. She’s great for fighting one enemy at a time due to her high single-target damage.