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Toilet Tower Defense Episode 67 Part 4 Update Log

A brand new update has arrived in Toilet Tower Defense! Here’s the complete update log for Episode 67 part 4.

Toilet Tower Defense Episode 67 Part 4 Update Log

🛡️ Shield Cameraman

There were no new units in this episode – but we thought of something cool! The shield cameraman can block ALL ATTACKS! When he blocks an attack, he will do 5,000 damage to the attacker!

There is no cooldown for his blocking, since the shield is always in front of him. If there’s nothing to block he will attack by hitting toilets with his shield!

🧪 Small Scientist Toilet

The scientist lost his big toilet suit! This new version of the scientist is weaker, but fast! (VERY STRONG)

🪚 Flying Quad Buzzsaw Toilet

What’s even better than the flying dual buzzsaw toilet? The flying quad buzzsaw toilet! He has FOUR saws! (Strong)

🌞 Ultra Laser Toilet

He has 11 lasers.. 😦 (Strong)

🚀 Ultra Rocket Toilet

With 16 rockets – the ultra rocket toilet can stun a LOT of things!

He can’t regenerate rockets, and they don’t stun for long – since the rockets are small. (Strong)

👑 VIP Rewards

We are finally adding another perk for having VIP – VIP Rewards!

Check near the spawn in the lobby for a platform that says “VIP Rewards”!

If you have VIP, you can step on this every 4 hours to get 20 gems and a free random boost!

💥 Low GFX Mode

Turn Low GFX mode on in settings if you lag in matches! This is recommended for lower end devices.

Right now this only hides explosions, but more lag-causes will be included soon.

🤝 Trade Timer Fix

The trade timer will no longer count down slower in big servers!

This was due to the timer was relative to the server’s lag, but now it’s fixed.

Trading Plaza should also be less laggy!