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Voletexius Value in Creatures of Sonaria: What is it Worth?

Voletexius Value in Creatures of Sonaria: What is it Worth?


Value: 7k-8k

Demand: 6

Stability: Stable

What is Voletexius?

Voletexius is a tradable Tier 4 creature that can be obtained in Creatures of Sonaria. It is a flying omnivore.

How much is Voletexius worth in Creatures of Sonaria?

We currently value Voletexius to be worth around 7k-8k. The player demand is 6/10, while the price stability is Stable.


How are the Creatures of Sonaria values calculated?

The Voletexius value has been calculated by experienced CoS traders on the official Discord. It is updated regularly, depending on player demand and availability.

Remember that, ultimately, a creature is only worth as much as someone is willing to trade for it. Use this value only as a guideline, and be sure to check out the complete Creatures of Sonaria value list to compare the prices of other creatures.


What is Creatures of Sonaria?

Creatures of Sonaria is a creature survival game where players can interact with other players and NPCs in a vibrant world filled with diverse biomes. Players take on the role of magical creatures and must satisfy their hunger and thirst to stay alive.

They can also customize their creature’s appearance, take on quests to earn special rewards, use gacha machines to unlock new species, battle other creatures, form social groups called packs, build nests, and trade with other players.