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Classic Hardcore Hunter: Best Horde Race for Leveling

Are you planning on leveling a hardcore hunter on the horde side? Here’s our guide to choosing the best hardcore hunter horde race in WoW HC.

Classic Hardcore Hunter: Best Horde Race

Classic Hardcore Hunter: Best Horde Race

Horde players have three hunter race options in Classic Hardcore – Orc, Troll, and Tauren. Each provides different racials that can slightly impact their viability while leveling.

Orcs and Trolls offer the most powerful racials for optimized Horde hunters. These two races are quite close in power. An Orc’s pet damage from Command bonus pairs perfectly with the hunter class. But many top-leveling weapons are bows, so the Troll bow expertise from Bow Specialization remains relevant.

What’s the best horde race for leveling a hunter in Classic Hardcore?

Overall, If you’re serious about leveling and what to min-max, then Troll is the best horde hunter race to level in Classic Hardcore. Orcs are not too far behind, though. Taurens offer mild utility. but lack the DPS gains that the other races enjoy.

Troll Racials

Trolls receive a 5-point weapon skill bonus to bows. Their Berserking cooldown also provides useful burst damage. Regeneration isn’t super amazing, but it can be great for chain-pulling mobs.

Orc Racials

Command is very strong and is pretty much the perfect racial for a BM Hunter. Unfortunately, both Blood Fury and Axe Specialization only work with melee weapons. This can be useful for melee-weaving, which is quite commonly used in raiding. However, most casual players probably won’t be doing it while leveling.

Tauren Racials

Sadly, Tauren hunters rank below the others. Their extra health and short-range stun provide some situational benefits but lack major damage or progression boosts.

And that was our guide to choosing the best horde race for the hunter class in World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore.