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Cherno Those Two: Best Build & Team Guide [Snowbreak Wiki]

Cherno Those Two

Welcome to our Cherno – Those Two wiki guide for Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best Those Two build.

Snowbreak Tier List Rank: B


Cherno Those Two Profile

  • Gun Class: Submachine Gun
  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Type: Chaos
  • Role: Close-range DPS
  • Secondary Role: None

Cherno Those Two Summary

Another oddball of a unit. Her active skill is a reasonably useful area interrupt, though its range is too small to be effective without her neuronic upgrade (and still a bit lacking afterward). Her support skill disappointingly is only a slow effect and does not deal damage. Clear Empty Skies, her ultimate ability, attempts to get around the inherent weaknesses of the SMG class… by outsourcing the work to someone else. I wouldn’t blame her. Beloberg actually can output some very strong damage numbers, but the inability to directly control its behaviour and its constant HP drain on Cherno makes it a tricky and sometimes frustrating tool to use, even with the ability to switch out to another operative after summoning Beloberg.

A minimum of manifest 1 is recommended to reach a baseline level of effectiveness and is C-Tier otherwise. Not specifically reliant on a weapon, but Arctic Fox is recommended for offensive purposes, with Hypchlorous Acid as a more defensive, off-tank playstyle.

All of Cherno’s neuronics provide meaningful upgrades to her abilities; while her ultimate ability neuronics are recommended as a first priority, it is ultimately up to your own playstyle and what you want.

Wondering how well she compares to other characters? See our Snowbreak Tier List page for more information.

Cherno Those Two Build

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Cherno Those Two Best Team

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Cherno Those Two Skills

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Cherno Those Two Manifestation

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