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Marian Swift: Best Build & Team Guide [Snowbreak Wiki]

Marian Swift

Welcome to our Marian – Swift wiki guide for Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best Swift build.

Marian Swift Snowbreak

Marian Swift Profile

  • Gun Class: Sniper
  • Role: Long Range, Single Target DPS
  • Secondary Role: Bossing

Snowbreak Tier List Rank: S

Marian Swift Summary

An exception among the current sniper roster, Swift is a sniper who does not have to aim. With enough manifests, her active skill, Cloud Shot will automatically lock onto a designated target and fire a homing shot as well as making the next normal shot lock on as well, allowing for constant mobility while maintaining DPS. Of course, aiming at targets marked by Cloud Shot is still desirable when possible, as the mark will make any standard shots deal an additional 20% damage.

Requires heavy manifest investment to reach this level of power. Large amounts of her abilities’ power is locked behind manifests, to the point where a manifest 0 Swift plays entirely differently from a manifest 1 Swift. Without at least manifest 2, Swift drops to A-Tier, and without manifest 1 drops to potentially even B-Tier.

NOT RECOMMENDED AS YOUR FIRST DPS. Unless you somehow get large amounts of manifests very quickly, other operatives will have more value due to simply being more useful more immediately.

Both neuronics for her active skill and ultimate are useful investments, while her support skills are more niche and situational in value.

Wondering how well she compares to other characters? See our Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List page for more information.

Marian Swift Build

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Marian Swift Best Team

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Marian Swift Skills

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Marian Swift Manifestation

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