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Crossing Void General Tips 2022 (August)

Just starting out in the game? Here’s some tips that hopefully may help you along your journey!

Bind Your Account

This is a very important thing to do! It will prevent your account from getting lost and losing all of your progress. You can even bind it to an email instead of Facebook and Google Play.

Focus on the Story

Completing the story stages will grant account experience and many features of the game are locked behind certain account levels.

They also reward items that can increase the star level of your characters.

Collect Your Free Gacha Everyday

Every 24 hours you can use the gacha once for free.

Make Some Friends

Add as many people to your friends list as possible so that you can collect Friend Points. These points can be spent on Friendship Boxes which contain items and characters.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild grants access to special buffs and a guild shop.

Do Your Dailies

It probably goes without saying, but completing your daily missions every day will grant you with resources and maigo.