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Data Khun Mascheny Build, Skills, Team [ToG: New World Wiki]

[Data] Khun Mascheny

The Harbinger of War

Welcome to our [Data] Khun Mascheny wiki guide for Tower of God: New World. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best ToG New World Data Mascheny build.

Tower of God New World Tier List Rank: S


[Data] Khun Mascheny Profile

  • Color: Blue
  • Grade: SSR+
  • Class: Ranged
  • Type: Magical

[Data] Khun Mascheny Summary

Data Maschenny is an amazing carry character that thrives in any team composition. She innately deals strong damage, but her main power comes from her pills mechanic. When below 40% HP, Maschenny consumes a pill for a massive attack buff and survives at 1HP for 10 seconds – and using skills extends the pill’s duration. This allows Maschenny to enter a hyper-powered state at low health where she dishes out incredible damage while unable to die for a period of time.

Her exclusive weapon further amplifies her capabilities, granting even more offensive power during her pill-enhanced rampage. While already potent normally, Maschenny’s pill mechanic enables her to completely take over games once activated by letting her demolish enemies in god mode. This makes her an extremely versatile carry.

Are you wondering how well he compares to other characters? See our Tower of God New World tier list page for more information.

[Data] Khun Mascheny Build

The best Data Khun Mascheny build is currently pending. We’ll update this page once there is more information.

[Data] Khun Mascheny Best Team

The best Data Khun Mascheny team is currently pending. We’ll update this page once there is more information.

[Data] Khun Mascheny Skills

Great Spear of Dawn
Special Move
Data Mascheny becomes Invincible, Teleports to the enemy with the highest ATK, then slams the Great Spear of Dawn into the ground to decrease the Magic Resistance of enemies hit by 20% for 10s and deal 240% of her ATK as DMG 5 times. The final attack causes a giant explosion with a circular range.
Lightning Spear
Data Mascheny Dashes forward with her lance to deal 400% of her ATK as DMG to all enemies in her path and then returns to her starting position. Data Machine is Invincible while Dashing.
Data Mascheny discharges lightning shinsu to deal 400% of her ATK as DMG to nearby enemies. Any enemies she hits are Stunned for 3s. She then creates a Shinsu Barrier that lasts for 10s. Enemies inside the Shinsu Barrier deal 40% less DMG to Data Mascheny. Data Mascheny becomes immune to status effects while using this skill.
Front Row – Lightning Pill
Data Machine removes all status effects and swallows a Lightning Pill when her HP drops to 40% or below. Upon consuming the Lightning Pill, Data Mascheny gains 100 Lightening Pill Gauge. Lightning Pill’s effects are removed when the gauge hits 0. The Lightning Pill Gauge decreases by 10 every second, but increases by 10 whenever Data Machine uses a skill. While the Lightning Pill is active, Data Mascheny’s ATK increases by 120% and her HP will not drop below 1.

[Data] Khun Mascheny Story

The data of Khun Mascheny Zahard, which was copied to the hidden floor when she climbed the Tower. She is one of the children which Khun Edahn’s data is fond of.

She always behaves in a confident and dignified manner, but surprisingly, she doesn’t know how to take a compliment

She puts her life on the line solely for the desire to fight Zahard’s data. This war-crazed behavior is exactly like her real self.

Tower of God: NEW WORLD is available to play for free on the App Store and Google Play.