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Fast Ship Evan Build, Skills, Team [ToG: New World Wiki]

[Fast Ship] Evan

Welcome to our [Fast Ship] Evan wiki guide for Tower of God: New World. Learn everything there is to know about the character and the best ToG New World Evan build.

Tower of God New World Tier List Rank: S+


[Fast Ship] Evan Profile

  • Color: Yellow
  • Grade: SSR+
  • Class: Support
  • Type: Magical

[Fast Ship] Evan Summary

Evan is currently the best unit in the game and a must-have even for non-yellow teams. His ability to heal allies while also providing immortality for his team makes him an incredibly useful addition to any roster.

His versatile support skills can greatly bolster a team’s survivability and sustainability, which will likely lead to an easy win if utilized properly. While individual playstyles and team compositions may favor different characters, Evan is always a top-tier pick that can synergize with and strengthen nearly any group.

Are you wondering how well he compares to other characters? See our Tower of God New World tier list page for more information.

[Fast Ship] Evan Build

The best Evan build is currently pending. We’ll update this page once there is more information.

[Fast Ship] Evan Best Team

The best Evan team is currently pending. We’ll update this page once there is more information.

[Fast Ship] Evan Skills

Special Move
Evan activates the Frog Fisher’s Restoration ability to make all of his allies Immortal for 6s. Immortal allies’ HP cannot drop below 10%. Once Immortality is removed, HP is restored by 50% of DMG taken while it was active plus 200% of Evan’s ATK.
Destructive Urge
Evan recovers 200 Energy, then deals 200% of his ATK as DMG to enemies in a straight line, Knocking them Back.
Even recovers 200 Energy, then removes debuffs from all allies. 25 additional Energy is restored for each debuff removed (up to 10). In addition, allies who no longer have debuffs recover HP equal to 200% of Evan’s ATK.
Adam’s Glove
Evan Conceals the ally with the highest ATK at the start of the battle for 2s and restores 200 of their Energy when they are Revealed. In addition, Evan Conceals himself for 2s if his HP drops below 30%. Upon being Revealed, he recovers 200 Energy and HP equal to 600% of his ATK.

[Fast Ship] Evan Story

The Zahard Royal Family’s primary Guide and a High Ranker.

He serves Princess Ha Yuri Zahard. While he seems constantly stressed from working with such a headstrong princess, he actually cares about her more than anyone else.

He almost worried himself to death when Yuri insisted on spontaneously visiting the bottom floor of the Tower to help a newcomer. However, he himself has started rooting for

Twenty-Fifth Bam. He is from one of the few species in the Tower capable of becoming Guides, the Silver Dwarves. He is also known by the moniker “The Fast Ship.”

Tower of God: NEW WORLD is available to play for free on the App Store and Google Play.