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Does Wallpaper Engine work on Mac?

Wallpaper Engine is a popular tool that allows users to have dynamic wallpapers on their desktops. But does it work on Mac? Let’s dive deep into this topic.

Does Wallpaper Engine work on Mac?

Does Wallpaper Engine work on Mac?

Wallpaper Engine does not currently work on Mac OS as of May, 2024.

Wallpaper Engine’s Compatibility with Mac OS

Wallpaper Engine is currently available for Windows and Android. As of now, there are no immediate plans to support other platforms, including Mac OS. The primary reason behind this decision is the complexity of porting the software to other platforms. Wallpaper Engine is a custom-written software solution, and porting it to platforms like Mac OS would require significant effort and resources.

Many might wonder why some games and applications are easily ported to Mac and Linux. The answer lies in the fact that many of these titles are based on widely used game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine. These engines already have built-in support for multiple platforms, making the porting process easier. However, as a custom application, Wallpaper Engine requires a tailored approach for each operating system.

Another factor influencing this decision is the user base. According to the Steam hardware survey, less than 1% of Steam users use Linux, with a mere 0.25% using Ubuntu. Given the immense time and resources required to port and maintain the software on a new platform, it’s not economically viable to support Mac OS or Linux at this time.

Why Android Over Mac OS?

The decision to support Android before Mac OS was based on user demographics. A significant portion of Wallpaper Engine users also use Android devices. Supporting Android was a logical step to cater to a larger user base. Some of the work done for the Android port might be reused for Linux and OSX in the future, but a full port for these platforms is not on the horizon.

Does Wallpaper Engine work on iOS?

iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, does not support dynamic live wallpapers in the same way Android does. While iOS has some support for short animated wallpapers in the form of Live Photos, the format is restrictive. Most Wallpaper Engine wallpapers aren’t compatible with this format.


The current scenario might be disappointing for Mac users hoping to use Wallpaper Engine. However, the reasons behind the decision are based on technical challenges and user demographics. While the future might see a change in this stance, Wallpaper Engine remains a tool primarily for Windows and Android users.