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What Does Multishot Do In Minecraft?

Multishot in Minecraft is an enchantment for the crossbow weapon. But what does Multishot do in Minecraft? Let’s find out.

What Does Multishot Do In Minecraft?

Minecraft has a plethora of weapons for you to choose from. On top of that, there are enchantments to make your weapons of choice even stronger whenever you want. Enchantments amplify your Minecraft experience and make it less of a grind when you are trying to fight a large group of enemies. 

Multishot in Minecraft is an enchantment that you can apply to your crossbow. Traditionally, crossbows are considered to be slow and hard-hitting weapons. So what does the Multishot enchantment do to make your crossbow better. If you are looking for the answer, keep reading. 

Multishot allows you to fire three crossbow arrows at the cost of one, which means that you will be hitting more enemies that are in front of you. One caveat is that if you hit a single enemy with a multishot, it only causes the damage of a single arrow. 

What Does Multishot Do In Minecraft?

Multishot does precisely what the name suggests. It allows you to shoot three arrows for the cost of one from a crossbow. This enchantment is specific to the crossbow in Minecraft. It can be a highly useful enchantment to have if you are fighting with hordes of enemies. 

A crossbow is a slow weapon that takes some time to load. So, the idea of causing as much damage as possible with a single shot is not bad. This way, you can deal more damage and also not worry about the ammo you have since then. It only costs you a single arrow. 

How To Get The Multishot Enchantment in Minecraft

What Does Multishot Do In Minecraft?

Like every other enchantment in Minecraft, the Multishot enchantment is not very difficult to get. Let’s get the most obvious part out of the way first. You need to craft a crossbow in order to use the Multishot enchantment. 

You need three sticks, two strings, one iron ingot, and a single tripwire hook to craft a crossbow. Once you have all the required resources, you can just put these on a crafting table using the pattern shown below. You’ll have a crossbow in no time. 

What Does Multishot Do In Minecraft?

How To Get The Multishot Enchantment:

  • To get the Multishot enchantment, you are going to have to use the anvil. 
  • Go to the anvil and combine your enchanted book with a crossbow to get the Multishot enchantment. 
  • You can get these enchanted books as loot from chests. Or you can find them while you are fishing if you are lucky. 
  • Enchanted books are also available to purchase from Librarian Villagers in Minecraft.

It is important to note that there is only a single level of the Multishot enchantment, which means that you won’t be able to purchase a higher level of the enchantment to shoot more arrows from your crossbow. Three is the limit. 

Acquiring the Multishot is pretty easy in Minecraft. But the enchantment comes with a few drawbacks. Which makes you wonder, is the enchantment worth using? 

Drawbacks of Multishot in Minecraft 

What Does Multishot Do In Minecraft?

The first drawback of the Multishot is that if all three of your arrows hit the same enemy, the damaging effect it will cause will be equal to that of a single arrow. This means the enchantment doesn’t serve any purpose unless you have three different enemies that you can hit in front of you. 

On top of that, the crossbow will continue to lose three durability points despite dealing the damage of a single arrow. This drawback can be taken care of by using other enchantments like mending and unbreaking. But a drawback is still a drawback. 

These drawbacks make the Multishot a highly niche enchantment in Minecraft. It can prove to be incredibly useful if hordes of enemies surround you. But, that is effectively it. You cannot utilize the full potential of the enchantment while fighting a few enemies, which makes it hard to recommend. 


That is everything we have on the Multishot in Minecraft. It’s a nice enchantment that is easy to get, but we won’t recommend having it equipped at all times due to its several caveats. 

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