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Festive Elf Value

Festive Elf Value

Festive Elf Value

Dark Matter:💎50000000

What is Festive Elf?

Festive Elf is a Rare rarity pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It was added in the Christmas 2021 Update.

How much is Festive Elf worth?

The current Festive Elf value is estimated to be around 50000000 diamonds.


A limited Exclusive pet called Hippomelon can be obtained by fusing three Festive Elves during April Fools 2022.

How to get Festive Elf?

Festive Elf was hatchable for a limited amount of time from a Christmas Tree Egg (3%) and an Egg of Many Gifts (80%).

Pets included in the Christmas Tree Egg were:

  • Fawn (65%)
  • Festive Cardinal (33%)
  • Festive Elf (3%)
  • North Pole Wolf
  • Silver Stag
  • Silver Dragon
  • Santa Paws

Pets included in the Egg of Many Gifts were:

  • Festive Elf (80%)
  • Rudolph
  • North Pole Wolf
  • Silver Stag
  • Santa Paws
  • Huge Festive Cat

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